Monday, November 20, 2006


After a while I didn't showed up, I feel like to write something at least a few words here at my blog site. First of all, lately I am so tired, working 12 hours per day until my project completed. Working on night shift give me a double-tiredness cause night time is suppose to be the ideal time to close my eyes. It's totally different with my university moment where midnight was the most active time to do this and that. But as I start working, I slowly changed back to normal. Night time is the best time to rest my head on my pillow and get some rest. Dear God, please help me to get a new office hour job as soon as possible (of course with a better pay la kan... :) ).

KLCI index closed at 1040.79 today. Market is consistenly going up. Yeah, that what it means by Bull Market. It is expected that the index will continue to raise up to 1,300 points. So, I can consider now is the good time to invest on market. Those who have enough money, don't wait too long, you can choose to buy some stocks or if you don't really expert in managing and monitoring the market, buy mutual fund. Leave it to the fund manager to manage the money. For these few weeks, the funds were always green in colour. Only a few were red with only a little bit drop. I myself thought about withdraw some money from my PNB's amanah saham and put some on Public Mutual until the buying force slows down abit, then I will sell the unit, provided I have recover the service charges.

Why the hell is the market going up??? According to experts, this is because of the 9th Malaysian Plans and people started to invest to see positive return. For me, one of the factor was the PMs criticism to the government. Why did I said so? After receive a dozen of criticism, of course the prime minister and their cabinet do something to prove it to the ex-PM, Malaysian citizen and also the rest of the world that they are worth on their position. The sleep PM of course will try his very best to wake up even it is a rainy day on a very sweet Subuh time. Leave all his blanket behind and start to focus on his duties and responsibilities. Then I believe there will be some positive effects on Malaysian's economy.

Working is of course tiring. Especially when you work on overtime. But what to do, it is my reponsibilities as I am being paid for every single hour I spend on my workplace. Right now there is a project to be done. Calculating cycle time for every QA process, starting from the SMT SPC process, IPQC at MIMA, Functional, Diagnostic and Dimension at Testing area and of course packing. 4 hours per day I spend on doing this starting last week but of course not every day. I got some better things to do outside. New model in high schedule PD1970 - Boston -> the in-house name for the product. I am not sure what the product on the market but it sure kick as. It is a PDE model something like Zen and I-Pod with a tiny physical size and 512MB to 4GB storage. Just wait and see.

Yesterday I attended one last weekend open house at QA supervisor, Mdm Aishah house. It was the closing of Syawal open house. After this there will be no more open house to attend, so I have to reserve some money for food.. Haha... Previous week, there is one Sunday I attended 4 houses and eat like hell. The fourth house my stomach is totally full and only can fit in some cakes and fruits. Waiting for next year Syawal for more open houses.

That's all for today, will update more during my leasure time. Thanks for taking sometime to read. Enjoy your day and have fun with everything.
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