About Me

Hi, my name is Johan Irwan. I wrote this blog as to share part of my life, opinions on current issues and something that interest me to share. Living in an Ultra World was created since 7th March 2006. I blog based on my mood, my spare time and my willingness to write. I believe everybody have their own thought based on which angle one might look from. But even the same angle, experience may never be the same which effect the opinion in certain issue. It does not make it right and it does not make it wrong. Same goes to my writing here. Even I myself might not agree with some of my earlier thoughts and writings as I look from different perspective and as I grow my experience.

My Background
I am an engineer by training but I switch my career as I am more interested in marketing and business development. I have a deep passion in learning personal development stuff. I play guitar during my spare times and I composed a few songs which not been commercialized yet.

Why I wrote this Blog
Language - I am not a perfect writer and I believe language is not my talent. However, I find out the way to improve is by practising. That is why I wrote the blog and by publishing it to everybody, I will try my best to write as good as I can. Up-to-now, you can still find some grammatical mistakes made by me even though I believe I have improved a lot since the first day of my blogging. Hopefully at one stage I can produce a zero grammar error and produce an advance level of English.

To keep a journal - When I came back and read the old content (especially after using the LinkWithin) the memories did re-appear and I noticed how much I grow from the old moment. One day when I succeed in my life, I will look back and see my progress as I grow.

Sharing - I believe that Joy shared is multiplied, shared grief is divided. Sharing is caring.

Pen my thoughts -  Sometimes I have opinion in something, I love to share. I don't know who will read it.

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