Tuesday, January 30, 2007

At Office... No mood to go home...

Office already become my second home. Here I work 10 hours/day, start from 8.00am till 6.00pm. But usually I took-off at 7.30am and I reached home at 7.30pm if I didn't do any OT. If there's OT, definitely 10pm or 11pm. Office already become my second home. I just went home to have some dinner, took some bath and go to sleep.
Nothing much to say today. Not in da mood and I'll be writing soon when I have some spare time.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Financial Security vs Financial Freedom

Most people around the world would prefer financial security than financial freedom. When it come to investment subject, higher risk may give you higher return. The same principal applies to your carreer life. If you choose to work with financial security, for example work with the government, definitely you'll get the financial security. But it will never promise you financial freedom. Unless you are educated with financial intelligence.

Why I decided to write on this topic? I start to think about this after one of my office mate who is an engineer, quit the job and wanted to become a teacher from KPLI he applied before. And one more case, is a long story of a guy aged 40, tells me a story on his life and how he struggle after the company he worked hard previously become worst. He had to take the VSS and leave the company. So, educate yourself with financial intelligence. And I also still on the process of my education. I learn alot from other people story and mistakes so that I can prepare to face all the challenge and hard time coming infront of me.

One of the author I love the most is Robert Kiyosaki. Buy his books. You'll change your perception on financial world.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A New Year Post

Probably I have leave my cyber world for some time. I didn't showed up and even my yahoo messenger also rest for sometime. There are few things which I should not mentioned here. You know we live in a circle of life. There's a time when you're up and of course when you're down. I would say I just been there, the down side for sometime. Problems come and go. And the most important thing, after I gone through all the path, there's something new I should learn. Most people who fail, they lose the most important thing, which is the lesson. So, stop complaining about this life, other people and the past, and start to think about the future.

Forgot to mentioned, I quit from Cubic Electronics a month ago. I gambled to do so because I am not satisfied with my working condition. I don't mind about the pay, I don't mind about the post. But the most important thing is I want to improve myself from my job. I don't think I can improve myself by kissing the supervisor's butt and follow what ever she said without any appreciation she gaved to me. I think I've made a perfect choice, I quit before I got any new job offer. But I thank God, he gaves me a whole new job, which is more challenging and better environment. I work with Pioneer after 2 weeks as unemployed. I was offered as process engineer in this Japanese company and I am grateful to be here. There's alot more things to learn and I am very excited with all this new challenge.

I will update more later, I got something to do after this. Alot of works to be done. Hope to see you guys soon. Caloo...
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