Saturday, December 13, 2008

Updated Twice a year

I have not updated my blog since I came back from Japan. Owh, it's already past 2 month. I can give my lame excuse, busy with this, busy with that. The fact is, it is just a plain me who doing things according to mood and responses from other people. Talking about responses from other people, lately my friend suddenly asked me, " Johan, ko punya blog tak update ke. Berapa kali aku bukak, macam tu jek... " I never thought some people really opened my blog in a regular basis. I always updated whenever I wanted, then after updating I promote it inside my ym so that everybody will know that I have updated my blog.

Owh well, to long mumbling will cause people will get bored reading this. So, direct to the point, after I came back from Japan last time, I did have a lot of interesting events happened that I would like to share with you guys. So, a picture worth a thousand words, and I guess some prefer to look only at pictures, so I decided to upload more pictures to share with you guys.

Just after I came back from Japan, my wife and I went to KL. My brother-in-law sponsored us a room at the Corus Hotel KL. It was very near to KLCC. It is not necessary to stay at hotel in KL since I have many relatives everywhere in KL, but since it was sponsored, I shouldn't complain too much. You can see how exclusive this hotel by only looking at the bed. [I am indirectly promoting this hotel to you all. ]
I stayed here for 1 night and I couldn't enjoy too much due to time limitation. (and of course money limitation too). Overall, I rate this hotel as 4.8 star.
Picture above is just for illustration purpose. I am not really reading, instead posing with a magazine called Astro guide. Hehe... (What did Pak Lah do inside this picture?) So, this is the view outside the room.

I really enjoyed this package, but there's another good news. My uncle also did offered me a package of 3 days 2 night to Langkawi Island. Again with sponsored, the accommodation took place at Awana Porto Malai. Awana Porto Malai?? If you asked me for rating, I would give 2.5 star. The view would be nice, but in-terms of room it was totally dissapoint me.
The view was superb as you can see from above picture. Here is the place where Datuk Azhar Mansor landed his boat after sailing through-out the world. We went to Galeria Perdana. I was a huge fan of Tun, and a visit to this Gallery did inspired me a lot. There's a few seconds I was dreaming to become the Prime Minister. But I believed that few second will not change my life at all. Above picture was the only picture captured together with my wife along the trip. Thanks to the person who help us out on taking this picture.
Inside the gallery, I saw a crowd at the back side of the gallery. Wondering why, I go and check out. There was a film shooting inside the picture gallery. A lot of local celebrities such as Afdlin Shauki, Que Haidar and Aziz M. Osman. While he was on the way to the toilet, I request for a photo with Mr. Aziz. Some people who watch this picture said Aziz is pen...

So, anybody who is single and have your partner, please get married as soon as possible, as you may get offers such as mine.
However, I am waiting for other people to sponsor us. Maybe the next person is YOU!
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