Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Ramadhan (I am taking a course now!)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish a Happy Ramadhan to all muslim all over the world.

So, we moved to new office. My busy level is suddenly high and I am unable to take some breath. Why is it so? I think it is time for me to move on, from sitting and do nothing to become active and achieve something. I am not happy if I were in this company for a long period of time, receive the salary and achieve nothing.

As Kiyosaki wrote in his Rich Dad Poor Dad; Rich Dad Lesson No 6 - Work to learn, Not for Money. Not for the salary. Why? Working is the best field for us to learn! Where else you can get an environment, equipment and facilities to learn and get paid? The only thing that offers you such kind of privilege is the 3-letters thing called J.O.B.

Remember not to be addicted to this 3 letters, cause it might as well represent some other meaning. My advise to myself, get good at work and learn everything from it. So I put myself into this way - I am taking a short-to-midterm course and enjoy all the facilities such as laptop, office and stationery, learn a lot of things and get paid at the end of the month. Isn't it better than having a masters degree, bare all the laptops and stationery cost, learn a lot of things and paying for the tuition fees.

It just the matter on how you look at a thing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We are moving

Been quite busy lately. A lot of task been assigned and I am keeping myself busy all the time. Just to inform, in case you already know I'm working in this company RCG, we are moving to Kota Damansara this week end. Our new office will be start launching on 17th of August and we'll have a small party over there.

In case you need a biometrics solution at your premises or houses, feel free to drop by some message or comments.

more info : www.rcg.tv

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Nisfu Syaaban : Bida'ah

Apakah hukum atau dari manakah asalnya amalan membaca
yaasin 3 kali pada malam nisfu Syaaban. Adakah ada
dalil yang jelas mengenai perkara ini.

Oleh: TuanHassan Tn-Lah < [EMAIL PROTECTED] >

Amalan nisfu Sya'aban adalah suatu perayaan yang
direka berdasarkan nas-nas yang lemah dan mardud
(tertolak). Inilah pendapat majoriti mujtahid hari ini
antaranya Prof Qardhawi (Fatawa Mu'asirat), Syekh
Sayyid Sabiq (Fiqh Sunnah), Prof Mutawalli Sya'rawi
(anta Tasal), Dr Abdul Karim Zaidan (alMufassal) dan
Prof TM Hasbi asSiddiqui (Sunnah dan Bid'ah). Amalan
membaca Yaasin 3X pada malam nisyfu Sya'aban adalah
bid'ah dan tidak ada nas yang menyokongnya.
Amalan nisfu Sya'aban ini adalah adat Melayu dan
ia bukan peristiwa yang disyari'atkan.

thtl for al_ahkam online


From: Tn Hassan Tn Lah <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Soalan :
Adakah keistimewaan atau kelebihan hari atau malam nisfu syaban ?

Para pengkaji Sunnah mengesahkan fadhilat malam nisfu sya'ban ni
tiada dasar dalam Islam. Malam yg diagung2kan itu sebenarnya malam
lailatul Qadr sahaja. (lihat Dr Qardhawi, Fatawa Mu'asirat)


Soalan :
Tak kan lah dengan membaca yasin boleh mendatangkan bidaah, kan kita
digalakkan untuk banyak membaca alquran, saya menjadi confuse dengan
apa yg diceritakan thtl.

Kita sudah mengkaji dalam semua kitab2 fatwa dan laman web
antaranya: islam Online, kitab Qardhawi: Fatawa Mu'asirat, Lujnah
Arab saudi, Lujnah fatwa alAzhar, Sayyid Sabiq, Fiqh Sunnah, Ustaz
Basri Ibrahim, Kusza...
Baca yaasin tidak bid'ah.
Ia menjadi bid'ah bila dikaitkan dengan peristiwa dan malam2 tertentu
sedangkan amalan itu tidak diambil dari nabi saw.


Soalan :
Adakah terdapat nas sahih yang mengatakan pada malam nisfu
syaban, catitan amalan untuk tahun lalu akan di bawa ke langit dan
buku yang baru akan dibuka untuk amalan yang datang ?

Pendapat tersebut adalah Dha'if.
Perkara di atas terdapat di dalam beberapa kitab tetapi nas atau
sumbernya tiada yang sahih.
Tiada ditemui sumber/nas sahih berkaitan perkara di atas setelah
dilakukan kajian mendalam oleh berbagai pihak.

From: Tn Hassan Tn Lah <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Soalan :
Apakah hukum berpuasa sunat selepas 15 Syaaban ?

Berkata Imam asSyawkani (Nailool Awthor, Jld
3/243),"jumhur ulama' mengharuskan puasa sunat selepas
15 Sya'ban kerana larangannya datang dari hadis


Adalah disunatkan berpuasa di bulan Sya`ban
sebagaimana yang diriwayatkan daripada Aisyah
Radhiallahu `anha berkata:

Maksudnya: "Adalah Rasulullah Shallallahu `alaihi
wasallam berpuasa sehingga kami mengatakan baginda
tidak berbuka, dan baginda berbuka sehingga kami
mengatakan baginda tidak berpuasa. Saya tidak pernah
melihat Rasulullah Shallallahu `alaihi wasallam
menyempurnakan puasa satu bulan kecuali pada
bulan Ramadan dan saya tidak pernah melihat baginda
berpuasa lebih banyak daripadanya pada bulan Sya`ban."
(Hadith riwayat Bukhari)

Rasulullah Shallallahu `alaihi wasallam memperbanyakkan
berpuasa pada bulan ini adalah disebabkan oleh
beberapa perkara sebagaimana yang diriwayatkan
daripada Usamah bin Zaid berkata:

Maksudnya: "Wahai Rasulullah! Aku belum pernah melihat
engkau berpuasa satu bulan daripada bulan-bulan
sebagaimana (banyaknya) engkau berpuasa di bulan
Sya`ban" Baginda bersabda: "Sedemikian itu kerana
bulan Sya`ban, bulan yang manusia lalai (kerana
terletak) di antara bulan Rajab dan bulan Ramadan, dan

Ia adalah bulan di mana diangkat padanya amalan-amalan
manusia kepada Allah Rabbul `Alamin, maka aku suka
supaya diangkat amalanku sedang aku di dalam
keadaan berpuasa." (Hadith riwayat An-Nasa'i)


Monday, August 03, 2009

My horoscope Today!

Daily Aries Horoscope - 3rd August, 2009


The sooner you "give it up" at work, the better. That can mean lots of different things to different people. For some it's about giving up your job altogether, though that sounds kind of extreme. Certainly, all Aries are not about to be pouring their work down the drain. For others, it will be more about giving up some kind of damaging drama in the work place, or getting rid of some deadwood from your list of To Do projects, or allowing a colleague the chance to have evolved since the last time you clashed. Whatever it is, give it up!

It's not too late to pursue your dreams in 2009.

Above article I took from Yahoo! website. What did they mentioned? Sooner to give up the work the better? I was thinking about this matter lately. Waiting for the right timing.

FIM 2009 : Franchise

What do you do on last week end?

Me? Owh.. I went to Franchise International Malaysia 2009 (FIM 2009) at PWTC, an exhibition organized by MFA to encourage people to open a franchise business. More details : http://www.mfa.org.my/fim2009/

Why franchise?
1. The brand - brand is established. When the brand name is strong enough, they will do the talking and we don't have to spend so much on promotion and advertising.
2. Proven System - While most of small business fails because of the system is not established. Franchisor have solve most of the problems when they began their business. We just need to follow step-by-step according to the guidelines or SOP.
3. Everything is ready - If you were to open a business from a scratch, you need to think of everything. The product, the man power allocation, the supplier, recipe (if your franchise is FnB). etc etc.
4. Network and support - Once there is any problem or difficulties, you just need to inform the franchisor and they will give their hand for support. Because you are representing their brand and your success is their success as well.
5. Financial support from the government - Franchisor will often have their projection or estimation of sales and profit. If you are preparing your working paper, all the figures is well estimated. Not simply put a number. So, financial bodies and government agencies will be more confident with all the figures that you put in.

That is some of advantages. But what I want to share with you today is, I met one young millionaire from Indonesia who working with his kebab franchise.

A few years ago, I went to Japan on some business trip. Inside the MAS airplane, I did not watch the movies, instead I watch documentary and some business related show. One of them is 'the million maker' and on this series, they are showing a millionaire from Surabaya, Indonesia who made is fortune at the age as young as 23 (millionaire as in USD, not rupiah btw). I watch the show twice, on my way to Japan and on my way return back to Malaysia.

So, I was surprise I had a chance to met him last week end. I sit around and get some info from him as well as exchanging some ideas. He is very nice guy and he is the man with a different level of thinking. What surprise me was, he is at my age now and our date of birth is very near. I am only older 4 days than him. With same zodiak, he is far away more successful than me. (But I will catch up very soon!)

He own his chain of franchise with the FnB industries - Kebab Turki Baba Rafi. The cost of opening his franchise is relatively low (around RM30k to RM40K). It is a great way to start a business. Anybody who are interested, please inform me as I am seeking for a business partner. :)

Have more info on his franchise at : http://www.babarafi.com/

Other franchise that interest me is the Mawar tuition center.
I met them as well at the mid-valley exhibition. The cost of opening this franchise is RM83K and profit per month will be around RM10K to RM35K.

Have more info on his franchise at : http://www.mawar.edu.my/

I am deeply considering this both 2 of the franchises. Still under my consideration and will do some servay and market analysis on both of them. As I am trying to move to the right side of the Kiyosaki's quadrant, I am inviting anyone of you who are interested to become my partner. :)
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