Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

First of all,
Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese out there.
Thank you for the festive celebration I was entitled for not 1, not 2 but 3 holidays.

So, in less than 2 months time, 3 new years have been celebrated New Year 2008, Awal Muharram (Muslim New Year) and Chinese New Year. And I'm happy for those holidays.

Economy is not yet recover. Why? Still the biggest topic since last year, the Sub-prime Crisis. So most of the employee might not feel the impact of this crisis, but for those investors and businessman out there are getting crazy on this issue.
The issue only happened in America but it has effected the whole world's economy (See how powerful America is!) So, in order to tackle down this problem, the developed countries or known as the G-7 are going to have a meeting in Japan to discuss seriously on this matter.
Hopefully they can settle-down this issue so that we can see more smiley face after this.

On the other hand, I look this problem as an opportunity. I should pump-up some monies to my investment fund. Yes, the price is cheap. Less than 25c per unit. So, what are you waiting for?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

MPT Family Day

First of all, sorry for not updating this blog for quite a long time. Currently my job-load did not allow me to do so. Today is Saturday, and I have to spare sometime to my blog in order to keep it alive and kicking.

A lot things happened lately, but to summarized up also makes a long story. So, I guess it's better for me to highlight the last week event. Family Day... Due to budget limitation, the company brought us to the Wet World Batu Pahat. And to make the day more interesting, I brought along my Nikon D40x along and shoot as much picture as I wish to before I went down to the pool.

The best friend of mine, Mr. Asiq which was also the Vice-chairman for the event, becomes the Master of Ceremony on that day. Since both of us were busy on that day (he's holding the mic and I'm holding my D40x), we only get a chance to enter the pool quite late. Soon after, most of the people went out of the pool and change before went back home. What a disappointed moment for both of us, not only we couldn't bring our family on that day, we had missed our chances to get along with others. And the worst thing when you become a photographer... guess what? Yes correct... There is no picture inside your camera.... And if in case you asked others to take for you, you might not get the picture as you wish. (I should consider to use the timer on that day....)

Highlight of the event?
After the opening ceremony by the MD, there's aerobic session. Then a water polo games between local managers and Japanese managers. The result? Tuan rumah kalah ditempat sendiri. It was quite an interesting games with most of the crowd watching this game. Beside, there's a few games... ala.. family day, biasa la.. Then, we also got karaoke singing. I sang 2 songs (with my wet t-shirt on).

Overall, Wet World in my opinion, is a so-so water theme park. I bet they can make it better. But maybe due to limitation - money? location? They might not want to make a Sunway Lagoon near to Tongkang Pecah, won't they?
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