Friday, September 28, 2007

My name is Bond

Today I came early to office. Usually, I will be around just 2~3 minutes before the bell rang. But, ever since I started my new business, (which I done it before when I was studying, together with my beloved friend) that was selling the kerepek, I managed to came early. The main reason is, I might feel better if I could sneak in all those kerepek without many people are actually seeing it. Then, starting Ramadhan, I have to wake-up as early as 5am, than it is easier for me to go early to my work place, and I am feeling very comfortable about it. I don't have to press my paddle very hard, which will lead to fuel waste. I don't have to worry to be caught in the red traffic light. I don't have to 'celah-celah' while driving with those tortoises at the road. And I have some time to search around the internet, reading news papers and of course, writing this blog. :)

As my above title, I mentioned about bond, I already signed an agreement of company's training bond, I will be bonded for 3 years as my expenses for this training was more than RM21k. All together the expenses was estimated to be around RM40k or more than a million yen. If I claim for an advance cash, I can be entitled as a millionaire. An instant millionaire (in Yen).

I will be bonded for 3 years. It means I have a long 3 more years in this Pioneer Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. and another 3 more years in this beutiful city of Muar. gaahh...~ Well, for everything to happened, there is a price to pay. And this is the price I must pay. Either I choose to stay here for another 3 years, or I just pay up all those expenses. Anyhow, 3 years is not a very long period. Interms of investment, 3 years is consider as medium-term. 5 years only consider as long-term. So, why worry if I am only bonded for a medium-term period?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guitar World

Sometime when I saw some fren of mine holding a guitar, putting the picture at YM, it takes me back to the moment when I was a student. I was addicted to guitar at that time. I did the same thing, put my potrait with guitar, put it at my display image, and proud of it.
Now, actually I still like playing it, but the mood and feel are different. My commitment also reduce. I used to play for as long as 5 ~ 6 hours sometime, especially when I learn on new stuff. It is a relief when I can hear myself soloing with a speed type of solo, and it works especially to release some tense during exam as well as boring time. By this tool also, I made alot of friends among all the musicians. It was a great experience.
As time passed by, I am no longer a good guitar player. I play once a week or maybe a month. I still jamming with some fellow friends. We jammed some old stuffs with my factory-mate. We played Deep Purple, Metallica, Lefthanded, Sweet Charity so on and so on. I did not play many malay songs, so I have to study. The problem is I don't have time to study new songs, and if I did have, I might not have the mood to play. I only practice a day before or a few hours before each jamm session.
Other than my kilang-mate, I did play for a band which is local Muarean band. We play for some functions which is most of the time focused on 'Orang Kahwin' events. I did played for few functions and I did enjoy it. We play old malay songs, "60-an", joget, dangdut, old school rocks and some radio friendly malay songs. Imagine I have to play 40 songs in a function and the first time it was 3 days notice before. And the best thing was, most of the songs I did not know and many of them I never heard of it. Well, sessah jek la... I did play well event though got fucked-up at many points especially riff and solo part. It was a great experience. Imagine, a situation when you are playing "60-an" and suddenly one old man requested for a song "Seruling Anak Gembala". Then my face turn blue but I keep on playing and the song was success (and the riff was totally out). Maybe last time I played most of orang putih songs and never concentrate on this malay songs. I must now start to learn these songs.
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