Saturday, July 03, 2010

Marketing 101 - The Dragon Fruit

In business good marketing strategy can lead to traffic at your premises. Different business create different method of strategy. One of the strategy created by airasia is to promote lowest price for a limited seats and create huha on it. It will create traffic but most customer will not have the advertised price when they purchase.

So today, on my way back to Muar, I saw a sign of dragon fruit 3kg for RM10.
"Eh, Ju. Nak beli ke dragon fruit? Apsal dia advertise dekat sgt dgn stall? Kan dah terbabas."
"Takpe la, kita u-turn, lagipun mami hari tu nak beli dragon fruit."
Then we u-turn.

I saw the sign RM6.50/kg.

"Dik, yang mana 3kg rm10?"
"Owh.. Yang tu dah habis la bang!" Regardless whether true or not, I felt like I was been cheated by this small guy. I felt like to slept him on his face, start my car and just move!

Try to calm myself, I try to negotiate the best deal I can get. Finally comes out with rm4.50/kg. Which lead to rm1.60 average each.
A good deal compare to Jusco selling at rm3.65 each.

3 lessons learned today.

1. Marketing gimmick can generate traffic. (But please don't cheat!).
2. Handle the tamper properly, then you can make rationalize thinking. (Or else I have to buy rm3.65 each at Jusco).
3. As T. Harv Eker said "In business, you don't get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate!"
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