Saturday, January 29, 2011

CEKES 2011

I felt very fortunate that I was choosen for one of the representatives to in-charge as committee for CEKES 2011. Back in 1998, I was selected as one of the students that accompanying a group of Japanese students in Borneo Jungle School. It was really fun when we are mingling around people from different culture especially Asians.

Benefits of joining these activities:
1. You'll notice your English is at super level - Even I don't feel my English is good due to too many grammar mistakes (probably can find in this post as well).
2. You tend to use body language more to communicate - You'll notice 50% of your jokes end-up with a silence and people try to figure out the motives of your communication.
3. You got to explore your own home country's POI - I first know that Lembah Danum was the oldest forest in the world when I joined Borneo Jungle School and first time I've seen Melaka's Monorail during the study trip. Hehe...

Why did the Korean were here?
They were funded to learn and enhanced their English proficiency. As in their country with only single race, single culture, single language... It is obviously difficult to talk in other language. Most of the time I spoke English was when I talk to my Chinese or Indian friends, colleagues or bosses. While if in the room, everybody is Malay I will only speak Malay or at most 'rojak'.

Who are they?
They are all students from Changwoon National University in Korea (CNU). All are Engineering Students. It makes sense that Engineers need to learn English. Back in 2007, when I was working with Pioneer, a Japanese company, some of the so called 'Support Members' from Japan could not speak English well. The difficulties of communication end-up in wasting more time pressing their electronics dictionary or using translation website.

Who has been benefited from this training?
Of course in terms of revenue, the company gain the monies. In terms of knowledge, the participant (and perhaps the trainer) gain the most. But other parties gain them as well. The Professors get to play golf at nice climate (it's winter over their place now). The tourism has opportunity to promote Malaysia. The committees get the chances to learn, travel and make new friends. And most important, the funder gets to spot the next generation leader to work for their company. It is definitely win-win-win to most parties.

And the program has come to the end. It was an exhausted month and I have learn lots of new skills.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Thank God for giving me the opportunity to live on the year 2011. I am truly grateful for all the happiness and good events that happened to me for the past years.
Happy new year all. May this new year brings more prosperity and brings in more cash in my pocket!

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