Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Invest and get rich quickly? Read this first then you'll consider...

Letdown in the making: Foreign firms behind dubious schemes
26 Mar 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: Six multinational direct-selling companies are behind get-rich-quick schemes.Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry deputy director-general (enforcement) Iskandar Halim Sulaiman said they were making millions every year through questionable means.
"They promised returns of up to RM50,000 for an investment of between RM30 and RM200. This made people wary of the scheme," he said.
Nowadays, there are so many get-rich-quick scheme of investment. As per newspaper cutting above, I took from NST today, you might not notice or you might heard or you might alrready joined. But I would like to stress here what do I think about this get-rich-quick scheme.
As I went through all this internet investment, I saw alot of things that smells fishy on their invesment planning and returns. You may got alot of money by throwing out a little bit of money. The question is.... Where did the money come from??? How do they earn the money from that invesment??? And if so they earn alot of money from the invesment, why do they still open for people to join after they earn enough capital to run by themselves.
If you heard before about Pak Man Telo scheme, they took all those money from downline who joined the scheme and wait until the pyramid getting bigger. After the pyramid big enough, or in other word saturated, they might not have the ability to pay all those investors. They will pay some of their early bird with a promising amount of money, then when other people notice that this investment give alot of returns, other people might start to invest alot of money. This is the initial point where the company makes profit. And most of the time this company will cabut after gain enough confidence from peoples.
Some might invest very little amount of money. And they might say, owhh... Nevermind... Just gamble la... If the company bankrupt before I got my capital back, then 'kira burn la'. Yes... you might put out the amount you don't care even you loose. But before you do this, think back. If a million people in Malaysia do this, invest with a little amount let say RM200, what do you think the amount could be??? You may grab your calculator and find out billions of ringgit would appear. And start to think again, if this company is a foreign company, they easily took out a Billion of RM into their country, what happened? You might not even think before, but please consider what will happened to our Ringgit currency. Simply give people without having any return. This is how Jews play with the economy. Then people start to blame the government by not controlling the currency. Drop against the US dollars. But they never tell, it was from their own stupidness. (Yes, I was in this situation too when I am too naive about this. But this is where I learn.)
I start to think in this way after I educate myself with financial knowledge. That is why I recommend you to invest in stock or unit trust. At least your money is helping the country by building up the economy. I will post another topic on this subject regarding the unit trust and stock market and how they help to boost out our economy.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Manufacturing Industry

It's been almost a year I'm in this industry. Starting from my industrial training at Cubic for about 4 months, then I continue for a contract of 6 months before I moved to Pioneer Tech. Now already about 2 and a half months I'm here. After I've gone through alot of processes I begin to learn alot of things here in manufacturing industries. And I begin to like it because of the application here and as well as the lessons.

I began to notice that I actually like electronic products a few years ago. I like to buy handphones, computers, laptop, Audio player such as walkman, car audio, guitar effects, etc. And the scenario is totally different as a user and as a producer. It is definitely 2 different party but when it comes to manufacturing, it must be a win-win situation between the manufacturer and consumer. Then you should start to think how to build a product that consumer love to use it and at the same time it would save alot of money while improving the quality. All this engineering analysis only can be answered as you go further and gain alot of experience in this industries.

Right now I still feel like I am a new born in this industry with a lot of things to learn, but I am sure I can learn it very fast. Even though I like business more than working 'eating-salary' but I am sure this industry can teach me alot of things before I moved into a new world of business. I really hope to own a business and become rich one day. But before that I must prepare myself with knowledge and experience. I'm aiming the stars and I should reach it one day!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I am the winner of the voting contest???

Hi all....
Know what? Ok, I know non of you know (except after you read this)
Just now I felt bored with nothing (actually so many things) to do. So, I opened up a google page and type on my name and click the 'search' button. Then it was suprising, there's a link to The CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor Of The Year. Hurmm... How can my name be there. At first I thought I was one of the candidates. But then I click on the link at saw my name under theW inners for the CLEO Voting Contest. With my full name and my first 8 digit of my IC number are totally me. Hurmm... It might be someone using my name to vote without asking for my permission. As far as I can remember, I have never voted to such kind of contest. I might not even know even one of the candidates. Well, if you guys don't believe me, the click to the link below.


To those of you who purposely use my name for this voting contest, please let me know so that we could share the prizes given.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


For this whole day, I have to attend the HIPOT training conducted by the executive engineer, Mr. Ithnain or we call him Otai!. Overall, the training was fun but a little bit tiring cause they don't provide any chair at the training room. Upon completion, we have to seat for a test which will determine whether we are certified to conduct HIPOT tester or we have to repeat the training again.
HIPOT stand for High-Potential Test, a simulation for thunder to a product. This is to ensure the product is safe and no current leakage. Safety is the first priority here, and also to ensure the end-user using a safe product is our (PE) responsibility. I did learn few standards on electrical safety standard used around the world and hope it may benefit me for my carreer.

Urashimataro??? Owhhh.. that's the name for our group presentation. We'll have our annual dinner coming 23rd and as usual, new comers have to present the group for the group performance. Urashimataro is the Japanese folks story (cerita rakyat... betul ke ayat aku tuh..?? boleh laa....) and we gonna present a theater/drama entitled Urashimataro. If you wanna know the story please click here and type on Urashimataro on the search panel.

That's all for today. Have a nice and pleasant day, and don't forget to buy me a cadbury chocolate if you meet me around. Thank you....
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