Monday, May 31, 2010

Google Chrome v5.0

I've been using internet since year 1999, which means I have already 11 years experienced in this world wide web and http things. Back then, it was Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape Navigator were two most well-known players in this web browser.

Currently, I am comfortable with firefox, even I have been using a few alternatives such as Safari, Opera and Chrome by google.

Currently, Chrome has release their Chrome 5.0, which previously running on Beta version. As per claimed by them, this version is more stable and increase in speed. Chrome also offers a very simple interface for those who like to KISS.

I oftenly use Chrome only when I am using 2 username at the same time. Example, opening my Facebook account in Firefox, simultaneously opening my son's facebook account in Chrome.

By default, Chrome will show a thumbnail view of the most recent sites that you visited. This is

According to figures published by NetMarketShare in April, Chrome had a market share of around 6.73%, while rival browsers IE (59.95%), Firefox (24.59%), Safari (4.72%) and Opera (2.30%) joined Chrome in the list of top five most used browsers.

If you are wondering how fast Chrome can be, just view this video.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Layout, New feel

I have actually done a blog which I design more on website style on my paintball. And I am very surprise with the outcome of it. By using the new, doing interface for blog is no longer an IT savvy thingy. I have left all this html coding for quite sometime, and I am already getting confused even more during these days with more complicated here and there. However, the WYSWYG type of editing, I am able to re-design my blog template by simply drag drop kind of thing.

I am not sure whether it suits your view on this, however, the colour that I choosed is actually based on the colour vibrations that match with my root number on my birthdate calculations, which I learn from one of Dr. Azizan seminars. Hope it  will look nice to your eyes as well.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

MMU Scenario Paintball Championship 2010

Paintball was born in the world since 80's. The popularity of this games has been grown widely an it is now one of the fastest growing game in the world. Paintball industries enters Malaysian market just 10 years back. Now it has almost well established with hundreds tournaments were organized all over the country.

As I join Cnergy about a month ago, I was been assigned by one of my colleague to run a paintball event as a project manager. Since then I have been putting my butt out to work on this event. As a freshies in this company, I am almost not familiar with all the rules, protocols and procedures of the company. However, I hold on to 1 principe "Redah ajee...".

I am not willing to repeat the same mistake I made, not to accept too many things when my hands already have loads of things. The consequences will be more pain than pleasure (at least for me). So I am willing to take up the challenge.

With almost zero knowledge on paintball, I started to do some internet searching on the facts of paintball. It surprised me when paintball, a game which my initial perception is only played by the outdoor fans, is also a favourite game for corporate team buildings. In fact, US corporates spend USD800 million annually to send their workers for the paintball games as corporate training (please google it if you don't believe me).

Up to this stage, we still have another month and a half to go before the event, and I am really work my ass on it. You can check more details on the website that I just complete design (the design is obviously better than my current blog design).

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Happy Paintballing...!!!
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