Monday, May 30, 2011

National Achievers Congress 2011

I just came back from the NAC2011 at Sunway Convention Center. The seminar is featuring the Incredible Hulk - Lou Ferrigno as the highlight of this year event. Other speaker such as Ron Kaufman is part of the most well-known in personal development industry and author of many books in the customer service field.

There are several interesting speakers to name, but the one among all that I don't know prior joining the event which I felt a very good impact is Andy Harrington. He's way of delivering his talk is similar to Tony Robbins, and he did shared with us that he's attended Tony Robbins' "Unleash the Power Within" and "Date With Destiny" Programme And he did share some of his story during that events. No wonder he's method is similar to Tony Robbins - and he also mentioned during his 2nd session that "I'm going to be your Anthony Robbins".

Of course as per every year of the congress, many of the featured speaker will give some information or teach few basic techniques and principles before they sell their so-called 'advanced' 2 or 3 days seminars. And I find out that the way Andy Harrington sells his seminar was quite unique and something that I can learn. And his offering one of the most cheapest seminar which is RM2997.

What so special about him is he really can connect with people during his speech. He did shares some of his techniques such as you need to talk to individual for about 5-7 sec before you scan to other places. I have never tried this before but maybe... I said maybe because it could only my theory... maybe by looking at that specific person, you are talking to an individual rather than talk to many, in terms of your presentation. But then you random to another person for 7 sec. The message will sounds like personal, but it is being delivered to the mass.

Other that that, Kevin Rae also telling something about Joint Venture - the most effective (and probably cost-effective) technique to grow your business. For example, Disney partnering with McDonalds and it really create a synergy between the two. Kids will like the toy as-well-as the food when they gone to McD and the toy will indirectly influence the kids to asked their parents to watch the movie. Brilliant! But there are several steps to create an effective JV. I can't explain it here because I don't have the notes with me. It's in my bag and I am very lazy to open my bag which is 2-feet away from me.

Ron White, the #1 Memory Expert (you can google or youtube the name if you don't believe me!) also shared his technique (which I find quite difficult to follow) on memorizing effectively. According to him, it is nothing wrong with brain. But the reason why people can't memorize is because their brain is not been trained. He taught us one technique of memorizing and the rest of the technique is paid for RM5000++ (seriously I can't remember the price and I actually need to attend his course). To make sure that he is really good, he start his session by recalling more than 40 peoples name and it came to surprise that he can recall each and every one correctly. And to make things more interesting, he call out 25 participants and each give a pair of random number. He can recall all the 50 numbers and not just that, he can say it backwardly.

Before I attend that seminar, I was wondering, why they called up Lou Ferrigno to become their main highlight. Because he is incredible hulk? Or because he won the Mr. Universe twice? Until the last session I can't figure out why is it the 'incredible hulk' is their main speaker. Why not Ron Kaufman who wrote so many books and featured in some megazine - including Malaysian SME as a columnist. Beside he's session was so very much interesting.

The CEO Richard Tan is asking Richard Branson to come for the next year session and if this really happens, the next year NAC would be something that everybody needs to look forward. But if he rejected, hopefully they don't invite George W. Bush as their main speaker.

All-and-all, congratulations to Success Resources for an awesome event!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alya@Columbia Asia

Alya Mysara, my second daughter was admitted to HTAN - Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah, Kuala Pilah. The symptom was the stomach is abnormally bigger. She was admitted on Thursday to the ICU for babies. After the next day, most of the lab test was found normal. However, the root cause still unknown. They took some sample of the feces and the sample can only be sent to Seremban Hospital and HKL on Monday. The result probably on Tuesday.

Because of the frustration of waiting and slowness of the diagnostic process, I have decided to transfer the baby to Columbia Asia Hospital. After all, the hospital is the panel for my company and the insurance will take care of the bills.

Been admitted to Columbia, the process was so much faster and action taken also firm. Even on Saturday, the doctor at least provide us with some reasonable progress and results of all the test. The visiting hours also more flexible and the location also very convenient for all close relatives to visit the mother and the baby.

As this is the 3rd time my wife stayed at this hospital, the environment is very familiar for me. And for the past 2 times, I've been accompanying my wife and shared the bed at night. But for this time, the nurse didn't allow me to stay overnight. She asked me to go back home or sleep outside. From the words she used, it is clear that the lady stayed at next bed wasn't feel comfortable with my existance. As a tolerate person, I pack my things up and straight away travel back home at 11.30pm. I don't blame the hospital nor the lady because by being in their situation, they have their right in asking so.

Today, as the measure taken yesterday to stop breastfeeding to the baby, the results show some positive feedback. The stomach slowly getting smaller. The doctor asked my daughter to stay for 3 days for observation, hopefully after the 3 days she is back normal and we all can be back home.
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