Sunday, December 27, 2009

5 days holiday

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

5 days holiday, for some of you might be nothing. Especially government servant. They might have 20 to 30 days per year of holiday. But for my new company, only 8 days per year. So 5 days in a row can consider a long period of time. Especially nowadays, a lot of things has been assigned.

I am planning to start a business. A few business idea is playing around my mind lately. And I have been talking on this topic to some of my closest friends and family. However, nothing has been setup yet including registering the company. Anybody can help out on suggesting the company's name?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy Eid Adha

I have not been publish any post lately. Busy is the only lousy excuse I can give, but the truth is I am very lazy to write up.

Well, Happy Raya Qurban. How's your qurban? Are you one of the contributor, or eater?
Either both you should be grateful.
Me? This year I am the eater only... hehe... Maybe next year will be the contributor.
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