Sunday, March 30, 2008

Business Trip?

So today I will be depart to Japan together with 6 others collegue. Estimated arrived at Narita airport tomorrow morning. I've been working very hard since a few month ago on the project, especially these few weeks. (sorry, i got less time to spend on updating my blog). I will continue my work in Japan Pioneer Plant. Till then, see ya around.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

26th March 2008

Usually I don't put date as my topic, but for this special day, I put on the date as my topic. Want to know why? Hohh... Of course, it was my birthday.

Thanks to all who wishes me. May God bless you all.

p/s: takkan wish jek kot... Hulur2 la sikit. hehe...

Friday, March 21, 2008


Today is the Maulidurrasul.... May Peace Be Upon Him...

Currently I am busy with my project. I am struggling everyday for this project. It was everyday full of duties, and sometimes I just felt like the burden is too heavy for me with my 1 year + experience. But without challenges, life would be no meaning.

Lately, I worked about more than 14 hours in average on working days. When I reached home, the tired had filled me up and sometimes I just missed my dinner. You might see my body getting shrunk day by day. I will once again go to Japan for this project, together with other colleagues. After returning back, I hope I can have some rest before I keep on struggling by the middle of the year, somewhere in June.

Hopefully everything is fine and I pray for the success of this project.
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