Friday, August 29, 2008


Ever since the hike in petrol price somewhere around June, everybody is talking about inflation rate and how they should change their life style. All prices are going up including prices of food, services, transportation etc etc.

Nowadays, I noticed some public toilet are charging 30c each transaction to the world most important bank. It was 20c a few years before. Maybe some might said, "ala... 10c jek pun..". But, mathematically speaking, it was 50% increase in price. And worst if you have to pay the 30c and they have never maintain the cleanliness level (take Ampang Superbowl at Mahkota Parade for example). It's a shame of them.

But one thing for sure never raise up is the one and only - my salary. I swear to god, ever since the price went up, I am facing difficulties in managing my income. My salary is just enough for me to survive from paycheck to paycheck. Nothing more for me to keep aside. 

In this case, I need to make a move in order for me to survive. As I Jack Canfield mentioned in on of his book :
(E + R = O)
Event + response = Outcome

I definitely cannot change the event (which in this case is the inflation rate and hike in prices) but I definitely can change my response to it. So, if I decided for a desirable 'outcome', using simple math equation, I just need to define my response to it. It sound simple, isn't it? So let us give it a try. 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

MAHA 2008

Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism Show 2008 - today already passed 4 days since the last day of this outstanding world class exhibition. My wife and I were there last 2 weeks to see what actually going on around there.

After visiting, I can make a conclusion, one of the hottest industry nowadays is 'ternakan cacing' (or they call it vermicompost). One simple industry but high in demand and can give a potential returns with minimum risk. What is vermicompost? Please put on your web browser to google or wikipedia and start to search, then you'll find the answer. :)

There are 1001 things that interest me alot (maybe I kinda like this industry, and should go for it). You can gain knowledge all in one stop center. Just name anything about agriculture, then you can find it here. No wonder people from all over the country pay a visit, even some of them are foreigners. 

The exhibition ended around 9.00pm (in-fact most of the booth were closed earlier than that). So, I decided to bring along my wife outside. After I hear some kinda sound of live band, I put my head up and saw the 'Kristal' band. I am not very into this band, but the performance was very tight and I should give them a 'tabik spring'. Of course, playing bands starting from primary school, they should perform a good show. If they still play like OAG, then they should dig a hole.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


For those who wrote their diary, this date would be a nice one to jot down something on it.
But I missed to write it cause it was already 1.19am in the morning. Should wrote it earlier.
So far today I only put on a single signature during my working hour. Wonder why nobody send me lot of junks to sign today. 

Next day would be Saturday, and I have to go to work since there is a new product running. Supporting production the whole day make me felt exhausted. But that is the reason why I am being employed by the company. Nama pun production engineering. Just a few more tasks to go then I would be free, as free as it can be, until my next model which I am not sure about the schedule.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

VISTA - Am I left behind??

Just about 2 weeks ago I bought my new laptop. It was not the high-end  sophisticated one, it just a budget with high spec and up-to-date one with a very reasonable price. 

It was a long ago since I wanted to change to this new OS, but from testimonials from most of them who are using it, they said it was still 'not stable'. Until one of a good friend of mine bought his new laptop with Vista Home Basic and switched it to Vista Home Premium, with 3GB of memory; and give me good testimonials on it, then I decided I have to make a move.

With the 0% Installment plan, I bet I can save some money on the other way. I did not have to withdraw all my savings, instead pay it month-by-month. It is a good financial strategy in my opinion.

I bet I was a little bit left behind in technological point of view and I need to catch-up with all this fast growing industries. But for sure it requires me a lot of money to invest on. (Oh God.. There goes my monies...)
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