Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you being Retrenched?

Retrenched Workers Are In Higher Demand Now

Recently the government provided a real boost for retrenched workers in its 2nd stimulus package announcement

It announced that companies who employ workers retrenched from 1 July 2008 be given double tax deduction * on the amount of remuneration paid.
This allows companies to enjoy big tax savings by employing retrenched workers.

How does it work?

If an employer recruits a retrenched worker from another company and pays a salary of RM24,000 a year. Normally, tax deduction to the employer is RM24,000 from taxable profit. However, with this measure, the company is allowed to deduct RM48,000 from profit, that is, at double the salary. This represents an additional tax reduction for the company of RM6,000 or 25% from RM24,000.

If you are in this situation, now is the best time to get that interview because companies are much more likely to hire a retrenched worker because of this government incentive!

**Articles taken from jobstreet.

So, if you are a retrenched worker, worry no more. Hurry to update your resume and apply for new job. If you are not, then just pray so. If you received the VSS or monetary compensation, and you got another job, then, that will be fantastic!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 26th Birthday Dear Me...

26th March, it was the biggest day for me. On March 26, I turn 26 years old. Oh my God, I'm getting older. In my new company, there's another person named Denise, which is in the same department as me, who happened to born on the same date as me. We might celebrate it together later with other colleagues, maybe.

As usual, the first wish was always the Jusco, which send me the birthday card earlier this month, but as for this year, Parkson too, did send the card with various coupons to be redeemed. The best thing about Parkson's coupon is, I think I can use the coupon as there is no (or not much) terms and conditions, or pre-requisite before using them. So, if you are not a Bonuslink member, better to grap one.
Up to now, there are 2 text message I received wish me for my birthday, which is my lovely wife, and of course my dearest parents. They are the most important person in my life. Thanks a lot, I love you all very much.

As my previous post, I promised to drop some words for my new company. So, overall it was OK. Everybody is nice to me. The only major thing for me is, I CAN'T SPEAK or UNDERSTAND CHINESE LANGUAGE. Language always be the barrier in communication. I must take some counter-measure on this matter, to learn as soon as possible on this language. Back on track, I was in the Product Marketing Department, role as product engineer. Our company do a lot of Biometrics and RFID product, as well as other product with innovations. Check it out at There is a line-up of products that will attract your interest. The only matter is whether you are willing to throw the big bucks or not.

As for the politics, today they have announced the winner for the Wanita, Puteri and Pemuda UMNO. It was really a shocking moment when they announced the winner of Ketua Pemuda as Khairy Jamaluddin. OMG, doesn't eveybody alert on the warning that was given to him regarding the 'politik wang' issue? Or is it the person who already received the SI who voted him? However, it was the decision of the perwakilan. However, I am waiting for tomorrow's result on the Timbalan Presiden post.

Feel free to drop some comment on this matter?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Warren Buffet once said...

"Managing your career is like investing -- the degree of difficulty does not count. So you can save yourself money and pain by getting on the right train."

Finally, I have decided to move from Pioneer. I have been working for 2 years and 3 months. It was not a long time, but long enough to give a huge impact to my life. I have build such a great community, with a lot of friends. It was a pain decision that I have to make, but after considering for my future and my family, I have to make the decision.

A got friends in most activities that we have been doing for the past few years, including Karaoke, Jamming, Cinema, photography, recreational, sports, 'mengeteh' and the list goes on. That what I mean by the community that we have developed. After moving, I have to start it all over again. And with the economic crisis, political situation, and additional members in my family, it will be a huge challenge for me.

But if you read the book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Dr. Spencer Johnson, you might understand. Change will happened and it is the way you adapt with change that will count at the end of the day. What I am trying to do today is moving from the comfort zone, and entering a new level of challenge that will develop the better me.

As the quote at the beginning of my post, Buffet have mentioned managing a career is just like investing. So, I am attempting to find the right train that will lead me to better life and great reward.

Tomorrow will be my first day in the new company. I will be back the share some of my experience in my new place. See you around.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Welcome to the New World

picture taken 4.25pm, after azan

28th February 2009. 4.02pm @ Columbia Asia, Seremban.
Welcome to the new world son.
I pray for the prosperity and joyness in our family.

p/s : To my wife, thank you very much.
It was a great experience seeing you inside the labour room delivering our baby.
Thanks also to Dr. Norintan Zainal Shah. May God bless you.
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