Monday, September 25, 2006

Success Agent Workshop

Last Thursday I got a called from the Public Mutual Melaka Branch Manager - Mr Carl Wong. He invited me personally to the Success Agent Workshop held On Friday 22nd. It was a great workshop. There's alot of things I learned not just about this unit trust and invesment world, not just about the retirement plans and how they encourage people to plan for their financial, I learned something about life. I met some new folks there and of course some of them I met before. One of them was Mr David Tong, the financial planner. He came to MMU last year and give some talk on financial planning. He was a computer engineering degree holder, graduated from UPM. After graduated he was been guided by Mr Tan Kim Book, the chairman of FPAM - Financial Planning Association of Malaysia - Melacca Zone, and now he is one of the financial planner and I can see how good he is now in this financial planning world.

After meeting with all these kind of people, I was very enthusiastic on this financial planning thing and I feel that it is important for me to share some of my knowledge some to my friends and of course relatives. How we can live with financial freedom and up to one point, money is no more a major issue.

It is a difficult task to educate people, especially those with pure malay mentality. Even I tried to brought this thing up to my engineer. I just can't understand why malay people not willing to take the risk and keep on thinking about security instead of freedom???

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

At Last I Continue....

Well guess what? At the moment I wanted to quit, I gave some reasons and they were trying to entertain by eliminating what I don't like about my job and I demanded a few conditions in order for me to stay. I told them I will continue a 3 month contract, if and only if they give us a senior post - senior technician - and some amount of basic salary which is definitely much much more higher (ok! this is bad english)then what they gave me for the past 3 months. And suprisingly, HR agreed after proposed by my senior engineer. Huh... I don't know how to express my feelings at the moment they told me about this offer. Whether I am sad or happy??? Huh... I wanted to quit, but the offer was good enough and I told them to fulfill all the conditions and when they did, I have to keep on my promise. I would never expect they can fulfill everything. Those with diploma after working for several years probably could not get what they offered to me with just 3 months experience.

The basic may not be as high as engineer post or supervisor post. But what is important to me is the rate-per-hour. This will determine how much they pay me per an hour of OT. Another 3 months to go before I really move out from this post. I wont be here too long. I don't want to stay here with all those kind of mentality... you know some of them might have a lower class of mentality, that is why they can sit there an work for more than 10 years! And yes, for my post I deal alot with all the operators than engineers. So you can imagine how I have to put myself into their shoes and talk according to their levels. I am not saying that all of them has that kind of mentality. I see some of them were very potential to move forward, but they might have some financial problems which makes them stuck forever there, or maybe they don't have anyone to push them out. They simply don't see it! For this kind of people, I tried my best to motivate them and go for a better job or probably any kind of business they could make. And I think for three months I worked with them, i have changed some of their mindset and I will continue my mission for another 3 months. Most of the operators are malay and of course Indon (indon pun ada yg pukulan jugak!). Why malays like to work and continue working until they retire? Why less chinese and indian become operators? Hurmm... Then you may answer the question yourself...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

To Continue or NOT to Continue

My contract at Cubic will be finished next Monday, 25th September 2006. Which means I should be free from the company and I may concentrate on finding a suitable job for me. I don't think I should stay in this company any longer since first of all they don't pay me that much and my second reason is I just can't respect my QA supervisor for my shift. I already complained all my problems to my sr engineer and I don't feel happy with this job! But things went worst. So I decided to quit! Yeah.. quit! With my qualification, I can go further, higher than the supervisor post. Why should I begging for this job. But... If I go, my department will go tempang. Seriously, they need us (my friend who is also a degree holder and me) badly. That is why my sr engineer struggling to ask us to stay. She increased our salary for a few hundreds and also promote us to a higher level of technician. But we not yet gave our final decision. If I work for another month, at least I got some money for the eid fitr celebration. And with new basic salary, I can earn more cause my rate per our is increasing drastically which means, if I OT-ed I may get a comfortable pay for every hour I spend. Just wait and see another few days what will happened.

Ok, right now I think I need to go to Jusco to buy some food. Then masak abit before I went for work. Thank you!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Internet doesn't like me anymore...

This few days my connection down. As usual, paying the bills for nothing. Haiyerr... I got alot of stuffs to post out but at this point I am very exhausted and I kinda forgot what to tell. Then I just finish my post here. Thank you...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Again - direct 16 hours

Just came back from work. Today, again, I worked for 16 hours direct. I didn't OT last week. Even I mentioned bout my OT on my previous post but for the whole last week none of the OTs I attended. OT is important for person with job like me. Or else the salary just like cukup-cukup makan la. OT on Sunday they will pay double, instead of 1.5 from rate per hour. Then, when there is any production schedule on Sunday, don't ever miss the opportunity to participate.

Next week I'll be working on Morning shift. Morning shift is the busiest shift compare to other shift and most of the time OT will be filled out within this period of morning shift. Oh boy, I hate working on morning shift. I have to face all the office hour staffs. But it will be more fun when I have something to do, rather than dok melangok jek without anything to do.

Another 2 weeks to go before I finish my contract. I don't think I will continue the contract if they still offer me with this post and with this amount of salary. I know they wanted me to continue, but I rather stay unemploy than working like hell with this little amount paid. Penat dowhh... gaji ciput. Pi mampuih la... maleh aku nak nyambung. UNLESS, if they can raise my salary minimum RM300 and promote me to senior tech. If not then I wont stay.

Uhhh kepala sudah pening. I better go to sleep now. Good nite... (or good morning)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Extremely Exhausted

Yesterday, as my previous post I mentioned that I always slept late at night while I working on afternoon shift. Yes, yesterday I slept around 4 something. I woke up around 6.45 in the morning for subuh prayer and the surprising part is I didn't continue my sleep as usual. What I did was I renew all my cover letters - just change all the dates and prepared for any relevent document to support my resume. Then I have appoinment with the dentist today at 10 and I went to Melaka Raya at 9 something and I have to wait there for about 1 hour. Dah appoinment pun kena tunggu... Nak kena pukul dentist nih. But nevermind, I have plenty of time to submit all the resume and finally I finished submit to 5 companies at 3pm and quickly rushed to work.

Today, the new QA senior manager Dr. Bong have a meeting with us and the way he deliver his point was quite boring. I just can't stand my eyes but luckily I managed to maintain until the end of the meeting. Then, after a while 2 engineers went to me and asked me if I wanted to continue my contract. And I said hell no! Both of them offering me the same flexibilities and to be honest, I am sick and tired of my job. I just don't want to struggle for this job since my qualification allows me to go much further than this. Unless they can pay me with a very good pay, then I will stay. But I haven't made up my mind yet, so I asked them to give me 2 to 3 days for me to think. If I am not working, then I will loose all my pocket money. And if I am working, I wont be satisfied with what they pay me with all my contributions and all the hardwork I provide to them. Ahh.... Demn it...

Ohh.. esok kena OT lagi... Kena masuk pukul 11am - 11pm. Yeah.. this time I really don't have any life. If 7am - 7pm for me would be fine, but 11am-11pm is like cam bangang jek nanti. Arrghh...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ASW2020 financial year end on 31st August

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 15 (Bernama) -- Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) Tuesday announced an income distribution of 6.80 sen for Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW2020) for the financial year ending Aug 31, 2006.

OMG... This year the distribution is less then 7%??? I have a few thousands in this ASW2020. I am thinking that it is not worth to put on more money there since this fund is not performing well. The approved fund size were increased last year from 3 Billion to 4.3 billion. But they're giving distribution less from last year which is 7.10% last year. And this is a totally good reason for me to took out some portion of my money to invest in a better places.

If I parked my money on Public Islamic Bond also I will received a higher pay which is 7.42%. And of course when you park on an equity fund you may have a better return then the bond fund but a higher risk for lost as well. And according to Robert Kiyosaki, you have to take some risk for a better return. Yeah.. Azizi Ali did mentioned the same thing. So, let invest in the newly launched fund, Public Islamic Ittikal Fund at 25c per unit. (giler promote fund nih...)

No life till leather....

First of all, I hate working on afternoon shift. Want to know why, just simply I don't have any life when working on afternoon shift. I'll work from 3-11 and went back and doing nothing until 3am to 4am (my mind just keep on telling me that I need not to sleep early since tomorrow I don't have to wake up early) - and actually now is already 3.13 (at this point of writing). Then I will wake up late around 12 or 1 in the afternoon. Then go to my laptop n doing nothing. mandi2 then again go to work. It's like nothing I did when I work on afternoon shift. What an empty life.

I should apply for other jobs since I know I am not happy anymore with my low-paid job. I should earn more; even double from what I earned now. Tomorrow please help me dear God, wake me up early in the morning and please let me allocate some time to send my resume to other companies which might need a good worker like me. Anybody who read this, please do miss call me around 8am. Don't too early coz I need some sleep after the subuh prayer.

Know what... The other day I posted a video on you tube titled "tanya linda - hantu" and each time I opened up one of my gmail account, it will consistently notify me about this piece of video I posted that day has a new comment on it. I don't know how the hell they reached my video but the comment is consistently added by the viewerw. And today, again one more comment. And the suprising part is it already reached 5430 viewers with total of 27 comments. Wow... I never expect to receive such a huge number of viewers. But of course as a normal human being, a little bit makes me proud!

Ok, I think I need some sleep now. Hope I will wake up tomorrow to send up all the resumes. Believe me, I never send it to any company (except for cubic after being called up and of course through la kan). And tomorrow will be my starting point of my new life.. Cheewahhh... macam dapat jek... But If you never try then you'll never know. Jom, kita carik keje ramai2...

That's all for today. Thank you!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

PIMM what the hell is this???

Today, as I was reading a book i bought last Tuesday, I received an SMS saying that I was choosen as one of the committee of PIMM. PIMM is Persatuan Integrasi Muzik Melaka. After organizing Battle of the Bands during my final semester in MMU, there's alot of people called me up seeking for some advice and asking me to joined them for their events especially those who are organizing battle of the bands. I guess I didn't managed well my event that day since I can't really cope up with my final year projects, some tough subjects and some other problems. But it was suprisingly the feedback from people was positive. After I called up their respective person, I was attracted to the plan and the objective of this society. It is a long term plan and it is for the benefit of music. I decided to have a deep look before I committed to join this society. It's good... It's guuuuddd!!!

Then today is Sunday. I OTed last nite from 11pm - 7am and seriously I have done nothing during the 8 hours working period. erm... of course I did something. I slept at the inspection table which can't be done on normal days. And the first think comes in my mind was - Am I eat the salary blindly (makan gaji buta). I am afraid when I died, God will asked me about all the salary I earned. But again, if I compared to those days I worked as hell, don't even have a spare time to go for a break and working from morning till night... Then this is the time to qada' what I did that day. Haha...

Then on my way home, I bought some nasi lemak and karipap somewhere at the muzaffar heights area. I made some observations, how much they earned during my short period of time buying the nasi lemak and how much estimated they will earn for a day. They are no doubt can become a silent millionaire. But when I reached home, I ate the nasi lemak, it doesn't taste good at all. If not because of my hungry stomach it would be almost impossible for me to finish it. Plus the salty tahap gaban karipap which can lead a person to a high blood pressure if a person took it every morning for a month. Then on my way back home, there's a two youngsters selling nasi lemak which I bought the other day and I asked them whether they are selling every day or just occasionally. They replied everyday but when I went back home I can hardly see their faces. Which my conclusion is they are not consistent with their business.

These are the reasons why a lot of people did not make it to the millionaire planet. The opportunities were there but they never use it wisely. I think they need a little guidelines to business in a more efficient way and make alot of money. But for me it's another lesson that I learned without have to experience them. Learn through observation can save alot of cost and time.
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