Saturday, December 13, 2008

Updated Twice a year

I have not updated my blog since I came back from Japan. Owh, it's already past 2 month. I can give my lame excuse, busy with this, busy with that. The fact is, it is just a plain me who doing things according to mood and responses from other people. Talking about responses from other people, lately my friend suddenly asked me, " Johan, ko punya blog tak update ke. Berapa kali aku bukak, macam tu jek... " I never thought some people really opened my blog in a regular basis. I always updated whenever I wanted, then after updating I promote it inside my ym so that everybody will know that I have updated my blog.

Owh well, to long mumbling will cause people will get bored reading this. So, direct to the point, after I came back from Japan last time, I did have a lot of interesting events happened that I would like to share with you guys. So, a picture worth a thousand words, and I guess some prefer to look only at pictures, so I decided to upload more pictures to share with you guys.

Just after I came back from Japan, my wife and I went to KL. My brother-in-law sponsored us a room at the Corus Hotel KL. It was very near to KLCC. It is not necessary to stay at hotel in KL since I have many relatives everywhere in KL, but since it was sponsored, I shouldn't complain too much. You can see how exclusive this hotel by only looking at the bed. [I am indirectly promoting this hotel to you all. ]
I stayed here for 1 night and I couldn't enjoy too much due to time limitation. (and of course money limitation too). Overall, I rate this hotel as 4.8 star.
Picture above is just for illustration purpose. I am not really reading, instead posing with a magazine called Astro guide. Hehe... (What did Pak Lah do inside this picture?) So, this is the view outside the room.

I really enjoyed this package, but there's another good news. My uncle also did offered me a package of 3 days 2 night to Langkawi Island. Again with sponsored, the accommodation took place at Awana Porto Malai. Awana Porto Malai?? If you asked me for rating, I would give 2.5 star. The view would be nice, but in-terms of room it was totally dissapoint me.
The view was superb as you can see from above picture. Here is the place where Datuk Azhar Mansor landed his boat after sailing through-out the world. We went to Galeria Perdana. I was a huge fan of Tun, and a visit to this Gallery did inspired me a lot. There's a few seconds I was dreaming to become the Prime Minister. But I believed that few second will not change my life at all. Above picture was the only picture captured together with my wife along the trip. Thanks to the person who help us out on taking this picture.
Inside the gallery, I saw a crowd at the back side of the gallery. Wondering why, I go and check out. There was a film shooting inside the picture gallery. A lot of local celebrities such as Afdlin Shauki, Que Haidar and Aziz M. Osman. While he was on the way to the toilet, I request for a photo with Mr. Aziz. Some people who watch this picture said Aziz is pen...

So, anybody who is single and have your partner, please get married as soon as possible, as you may get offers such as mine.
However, I am waiting for other people to sponsor us. Maybe the next person is YOU!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yokohama (the 2nd)

It was already past 2 weeks of Hari Raya and the mood of Raya might still exist around the country. Some might still visiting their relatives and friends especially during week end. But it was a totally different situation as me. On the 5th Raya, I was here in Japan for the company trip. It was the second time I have to be in Japan during raya, where last time on 4th of Raya, I was been send for my first trip here. [pity me...]

It was an enjoyable moment to work together with Pioneer Kawasaki members as most of them are very kind and friendly. This is definitely true when they invite us for a 'jalan-jalan' in the Yokohama city, situated not very far from Kawasaki Plant. Me and 3 other mates were invited on last Wednesday by 4 other Kawasaki members. It was my second time to visit this city, which the first trip also organized by them (but at that time, I was completely alone in Japan... ).

We went to the Yokohama City by train as soon as the 6 O'clock bell rang. We stop by at the Hard Rock Cafe, (which one of us was very into it). While waiting my colleague buying something from the shop, we snap some pictures as I believed, picture is an object which stores memories. Even I love to take photo, but I realized the only negative point of being a photographer is in many case you cannot take a picture of yourself as you desired. (I wish I could create a camera which can took the picture of the cameraman - yes, please asked Doraemon for this. ...Ok, it's not funny anyway...)

We then went to the 68th floor of the Sky Garden (if I not mistaken, the tallest building in the city) for sight seeing. It cost us 1000yen per adult entry (convert to current RM is about RM34.50). Anyway, please have a careful look at picture on your right hand side, as you maybe can feel what we feel on top of the building. (Sila jeles ye...)

After some sight seeing of the beautiful Yokohama City, we're heading to the 'Eat-all-you-can' restaurant. The concept is similar to the buffet style, but it was given a time interval before you need to end the 'filing-your-stomach' session. Thank God we can eat most of the dishes which was served here. I like to eat the jagung, as the sweetcorn taste really 'creamy fatty' (direct translation of rasa lemak berkrim).
I was almost cannot walk when I finished eating all the stuff that I can. It was always being pleasure to be served as a guest. =) In conclusion, the trip was marvelous, and for those couple out there, please come here to Yokohama, as the city was very romantic and nice (Owh... to my wife, if you read this, please help me to fill-up the fund before we could go here .)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pak Lah Resign!

While I was talking about my good friend resigned from the company, there is another person tendering the resignation. Finally, he made a wise decision. I wish not to elaborate more, but credit should be given to Tan Sri Muhyiddin for raising this matter up, until the decision which was earlier made in the middle of 2010, change to March 2009.

p/s : This is my first time posting a political topic in this forum. I have wrote a lot but I decide to save them instead of posting them.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ibanez : JEMINI

Steve Vai has been work out together with Ibanez since 1987 to produce his signature series of JEM, also UV (the 7-strings Universe models). Steve had been using Boss Distortion DS-1 in various concerts aside from others effect. Recently, Steve has work together with Ibanez to produce his first signature of stomp-box distortion pedal : JEMINI.

It is consist of 2 pedals which combine distortion and overdrive, and you can see the VAI logo on each of the foot pedal. The multi-coloured body was design similar to earlier JEM guitar model (as you can see in Passion and Warfare album). It will be release somewhere around winter of 2008, so please be patient as it will hit us soon (Malaysia I am not sure, but you can start to save your money inside your piggy bank). You can also check out below Youtube video, Vai with his bestfriend Steve will demonstrate the new distortion pedal.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidil fitri.

Buat isteri tercinta,
Ayahanda dan bonda,
Saudara 6 beradik yg duduk merata di dunia,
Sepupu sepapat, saudara mara,
Rakan2 kerja, universiti, sekolah dan tadika,
Serta seluruh umat Islam di pelusuk alam maya...

Dengan tulus ikhlas memohon maaf diatas segala kesalahan,
secara kebetulan atau tidak disengajakan.

Monday, September 29, 2008

So Long dear buddiest

During this month of September, 3 of my greatest friends have resigned from the company. Based on locations, the guy who seat in-front of me, Asiq, the guy who seat on my right side, Lokman and last but not least, the person on my left side in my office, Ibn.

3 of them are getting better jobs and move away too seek better challenges. After 3 of them resign, it gives me a huge impact where in a team, whenever a team player injured or given the red card, it will cause burden for other players. But it was the right moves, and I am sure you will take the same action when you get the same offers.

On 3 of them, of course Asiq has given me a significant impact, where he's just not my buddies inside the office, but also in what ever activities that we do (except for dating...). We joined all the activities by the company such as sports and recreational activities, as well as outside activities, which consist of jamming, playing live band for the kenduri kahwin, bowling and wayanging.

Lokman is the Japan graduate student. He thought me Japanese, especially I have asked a lot of Kanji characters and also some translating. With his Subaru Impreza, he was well known among all the car freaks; even the pump attendant noticed him. We were planning on moving to a new house a few weeks before his resignation.

Ibn was the senior which in-charge the most difficult project in the company. He was dedicated to his jobs and his job is very manageable. During my initial stage in the company, he has taught a lot of things and a lot of advise. Being a Japanese graduate, he did help me when I facing difficulties in translating Japanese languages. We always ride his Avanza to the mosque for the Friday Prayer.

These people have given me a big impact as friends as well as team mates. However, life must go on. I have to work harder and contribute more. Thanks a lot guys...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ramadhan is almost at it's end

Ramadhan is almost at it's end. Only a few days muslims people will continue fasting, and then there will be coming Syawal. The day of victory, eid mubarak; or the malays call it as Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

For this year, I have spend most of my money for the buka puasa. I have attended almost all events which have been planned and whenever there is invitation. Most of them are buffet. To name a few - Man Chalet, Ahlan's Riverside Cafe, Kelab Golf Tanjung Emas Buffet, and just now Classic Hotel Buffet. The classic hotel is the most expensive I have been for this year, but the food did not disappoint me at all.

Last year, I have to go to Japan on the 4th Raya (initially it was 2nd of raya, but after some appeal, it was changed to 4th raya). Now the scenario is not much different. For this year I have to go to Japan on the 5th raya. But now the situation is totally different. My status already changed and I have to leave my wife for 2 weeks. (The old folks said "Sayang isteri tinggal-tinggalkan"). However, there should be some Omiyage or ole-ole I bring back from Japan.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Happy Eid Mubarak. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. I beg for forgiveness for all the mistakes that I have done. Please do drop by if in case you are around Muar area.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pegging the Ringgit

Last Saturday, there is a suggestion from the former prime minister on pegging the ringgit. But it was rejected by the new finance minister, and also the explanation was given by the Bank Negara Governor Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz. I was not very sure about how's really this pegging will work out and what are the impact or the risk if we implement it. (Maybe the concept is it will save our ringgit from dropping to the ground but at the same time it is difficult for the value to increase).

However, after reading the former Prime Minister post in his blog ( entitled Pegging, I found out that once again Tun have come out with some brilliant idea, which is to demand trading to be made in Ringgit Malaysia, not the USD. Some parties should study on this idea and in my opinion, it is not impossible to be done.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Deepest Condolence...

Budak 3 tahun maut jatuh balkoni tingkat 10

KAJANG: Tindakan seorang kanak-kanak lelaki berusia tiga tahun bermain sendirian di balkoni rumahnya di sebuah pangsapuri di Sungai Chua di sini, mengundang padah apabila dia maut terjatuh dari tingkat 10, malam tadi. 

Difahamkan, dalam kejadian jam 10.15 malam itu, mangsa yang dikenali sebagai Mohd Anas Hakimi Mohd Roshaidi dipercayai terjatuh selepas tubuhnya melepasi pagar balkoni berkenaan. 

Jurucakap polis berkata, ketika kejadian ahli keluarga mangsa berada dalam rumah dan tidak menyedari kanak-kanak terbabit keluar bersendirian melalui pintu belakang.

“Mangsa yang bermain berseorangan terjatuh selepas melepasi jeriji besi balkoni rumah terbabit.

Full story, please go to

Today I took a leave to attend a funeral. My 2nd cousin had passed away yesterday. He was 3 years old and too young and have not yet explored the world. But God the almighty has it say and nobody can stop him. There should be some hikmah on this tragic event. 

I would like to extend my deepest condolence to their parents and nearest family. May patient will always be with you. 

For those who still leave, we should remind ourselves our time will be next. I wish I could end this journey with as a mukmin. And reminder for those who have kids, please watch out your children closely. Ameen.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Independence day parade

I think I am not too late (even now can consider late already) to publish this post. Since now we're still in 'Bulan Kemerdekaan', so this topic is still relevant. :)

Last 31st August was Malaysia's National Day and as usual we will have the national day parade all over the country. For this year, our company (Pioneer Technology (M) Sdn Bhd) is no longer in Muar district. We have moved to another new district which has divided Muar into 2 parts which is Ledang. I don't really happy with this split. Muar has lost a lot when most of the asset was under the Ledang area. But who am I to voice out on this issue. 

I wish not to elaborate more on this matter, so, back to the story. As I said, we are in Ledang - so the marching venue took place in Tangkak. I reached there about 7.00 am in the morning (others reached there earlier; as early as 6.30 am). The event started at 8.00 am. I love to see all the contingent from various sector. I like the uniforms and dressings, the people, the discipline, the teamwork and the spirit.  Jalur Gemilang is every where, and of course, each contingent was been given one for the event. I can feel the patriotic mood inside of me.

I was the committee member for this year, so I didn't directly involve in the 'kawad' thing. My main job on that day was to shoot the best picture from my SLR lense. I have lack of practise lately, so please don't comment to much from the attached picture. 

As usual, Pioneer has won the best marching for the private sector, including the best dress. But for this year, we not just received the trophy, but cash money as well. I am sure the members would prefer cash money rather than trophy, cause they don't earn anything from the trophy. But the company would appreciate the trophy. What can a few hundreds ringgit mean to the multi-national company? So, in this case, both party were happy. :)

I went back to Kluang, to my parent's home soon after the Parade. It was a tiring day, and the best moment of the day was when I grab the pillow and lay down my body on the bed.

Congratulations to Pioneer participant for repeating the great achievement.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan


Too all muslims out there, happy fasting.
May God bless you during this month of mercy.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan

Back in 1957, it was the glorious moment when Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra declared the independence of the county by shouting "Merdeka!" for 7 times. 

Previously, Malaysia or Tanah Melayu was a foremost trading center of the region. The straits of Malacca was known as the most strategic path for traders which connect the east and west of the region. The land has been colonized a few times before it gains it's independence, starting from the Portuguese, Dutch, British and the Japanese. 

After a series of battle of the colonies, Malaya had retrieved his right to rule his own country. It was gain in such a diplomatic way and no other country have achieved independence in such a way before. Since then, the economics climate gradually change from-time-to-time until what we can see today. 

As the person who born after the independence, I can't really express the feeling of the independence. However, I am proud to be part of the country, a part who will contribute to the success of the Nation towards the Vision 2020. 

Happy 51th Birthday Malaysia.

*Above image was the banner I designed for the Merdeka parade for the Ledang district in Tangkak last 31st August 2008. Since it was not copyright and I am not infringing the law, so I hang it on this blog. Feel free to give some comment!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Ever since the hike in petrol price somewhere around June, everybody is talking about inflation rate and how they should change their life style. All prices are going up including prices of food, services, transportation etc etc.

Nowadays, I noticed some public toilet are charging 30c each transaction to the world most important bank. It was 20c a few years before. Maybe some might said, "ala... 10c jek pun..". But, mathematically speaking, it was 50% increase in price. And worst if you have to pay the 30c and they have never maintain the cleanliness level (take Ampang Superbowl at Mahkota Parade for example). It's a shame of them.

But one thing for sure never raise up is the one and only - my salary. I swear to god, ever since the price went up, I am facing difficulties in managing my income. My salary is just enough for me to survive from paycheck to paycheck. Nothing more for me to keep aside. 

In this case, I need to make a move in order for me to survive. As I Jack Canfield mentioned in on of his book :
(E + R = O)
Event + response = Outcome

I definitely cannot change the event (which in this case is the inflation rate and hike in prices) but I definitely can change my response to it. So, if I decided for a desirable 'outcome', using simple math equation, I just need to define my response to it. It sound simple, isn't it? So let us give it a try. 

Thursday, August 28, 2008

MAHA 2008

Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism Show 2008 - today already passed 4 days since the last day of this outstanding world class exhibition. My wife and I were there last 2 weeks to see what actually going on around there.

After visiting, I can make a conclusion, one of the hottest industry nowadays is 'ternakan cacing' (or they call it vermicompost). One simple industry but high in demand and can give a potential returns with minimum risk. What is vermicompost? Please put on your web browser to google or wikipedia and start to search, then you'll find the answer. :)

There are 1001 things that interest me alot (maybe I kinda like this industry, and should go for it). You can gain knowledge all in one stop center. Just name anything about agriculture, then you can find it here. No wonder people from all over the country pay a visit, even some of them are foreigners. 

The exhibition ended around 9.00pm (in-fact most of the booth were closed earlier than that). So, I decided to bring along my wife outside. After I hear some kinda sound of live band, I put my head up and saw the 'Kristal' band. I am not very into this band, but the performance was very tight and I should give them a 'tabik spring'. Of course, playing bands starting from primary school, they should perform a good show. If they still play like OAG, then they should dig a hole.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


For those who wrote their diary, this date would be a nice one to jot down something on it.
But I missed to write it cause it was already 1.19am in the morning. Should wrote it earlier.
So far today I only put on a single signature during my working hour. Wonder why nobody send me lot of junks to sign today. 

Next day would be Saturday, and I have to go to work since there is a new product running. Supporting production the whole day make me felt exhausted. But that is the reason why I am being employed by the company. Nama pun production engineering. Just a few more tasks to go then I would be free, as free as it can be, until my next model which I am not sure about the schedule.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

VISTA - Am I left behind??

Just about 2 weeks ago I bought my new laptop. It was not the high-end  sophisticated one, it just a budget with high spec and up-to-date one with a very reasonable price. 

It was a long ago since I wanted to change to this new OS, but from testimonials from most of them who are using it, they said it was still 'not stable'. Until one of a good friend of mine bought his new laptop with Vista Home Basic and switched it to Vista Home Premium, with 3GB of memory; and give me good testimonials on it, then I decided I have to make a move.

With the 0% Installment plan, I bet I can save some money on the other way. I did not have to withdraw all my savings, instead pay it month-by-month. It is a good financial strategy in my opinion.

I bet I was a little bit left behind in technological point of view and I need to catch-up with all this fast growing industries. But for sure it requires me a lot of money to invest on. (Oh God.. There goes my monies...)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Safari - Surfing the web in the jungle

I noticed this few days, the internet was quite slow. The icon of loading still turn around but the page never fully load, and worst, never load at all. Tired of this situation, I decided to install alternative browser other than the konon2nya most use web browser la kan... After download yesterday, I straight went to sleep since the time doesn't allow me to proceed further. Today, I came back home and install this Safari web browser, and surprisingly my problem solve. This is what I call effective counter-measure.

Safari, in their website claim themselves as the fastest web browser on any platform. Now still on my monitoring stage, and I think the simple interface and layout makes me feel very comfortable with this web browser.

Those readers out there, please give it a try. I am not sure if I am the last person who using this. Feel free to add some comment if you agree with me.

Safari2.09Safari 3.1
Firefox3.62Firefox 2
Internet Explorer4.00Internet Explorer 7
Opera5.95Opera 9
  • HTML Performance

Safari0.36Safari 3.1
Firefox1.50Firefox 2
Internet Explorer2.18Internet Explorer 7
Opera0.88Opera 9

  • JavaScript Performance

Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy : Reason or excuse?

Updating my blog is actually an interesting thing to do. But I keep on using the same reason, or should I call it as an excuses; that I have been very busy with my task. Damn, there shouldn't be such excuses. I realized that it is important to differentiate between busy and ineffective on doing work. I always giving lame excuses on not having time for this and that, also for not having a lot of money. So, I should change my mind set and make things back on track.

To be honest, I have thousands of things to say inside my blog. Starting with my wedding ceremony, the politics issues, the increasing of oil prices; globally and locally, the bear market trends and of course the world economy. I didn't blame my job restrict me on doing most of these things, but it was totally the freedom inside of me. I would not wish to elaborate more on this. Let's God and those who are really close to me knows what am I facing right now.

I have changed my status since early June. I am no more single. I have been married and now we are staying separate. So, they called me week end husband. What-ever. Temporary, that is the best that we can do. Making things worst, before I finished my marriage leave, the government announce the raise of oil price and it really pissed a guy like me who planned to travel during some week days, to see my wife. Staying in this low-paid job makes the survival more difficult, and it is really a challenge for me. I am waiting for a RM5K/month income, or maybe a cash flow from other investment.

I will add more post in the future, but for today, let us finish here.
I will see you again soon.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pioneer Elite SC-07 and SC-05 Flagship Receivers (Plus the VSX-03TXH and VSX-01TXH)

Pioneer Elite SC-07 and SC-05 Flagship Receivers (Plus the VSX-03TXH and VSX-01TXH)

Pioneer's got new Elite 7.1 receivers, the high end SC-07 and SC-05, and the lesser VSX-03TXH and VSX-01TXH. The SC-07 has a Burr Brown Sampling Rate Converter (SRC) to upscale audio to 192 kHz 24-bit res, and dual HDMI outputs for multiroom output. The SC-07 and SC-05 also work with Pioneer's new Blu-ray player to activate the "Precision Quartz Locking System (PQLS) that synchronizes data between the Blu-ray Disc player and the receiver, providing listeners with the ultimate precision in CD playback." I kid you not, Pioneer is working on making CDs the yesterday technology of tomorrow! All four receivers do new lossless formats ("DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution, Dolby® TrueHD and Dolby® Digital Plus" ) and room tuning.

NEW PIONEER ELITE A/V RECEIVERS DELIVER UNPRECEDENTED SOUND EXPERIENCES TO THE HOME THEATER Designed Specifically to Complement 2008 KURO Displays and Blu-ray Disc Players, Pioneer Elite Receivers Boast Revolutionary Amplifier Technology
NEW YORK (May 7, 2008) - Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today introduces four new A/V receivers delivering high-definition (HD) audio and video experiences for emerging home theaters - the Elite® SC-07, SC-05, VSX-03TXH and VSX-01TXH. Acting as the HD control center, Pioneer®'s full line of A/V receivers work seamlessly with Pioneer's 2008 KURO displays and Blu-ray Disc® players to deliver the ultimate HD picture and sound performance for a truly emotional response in the living room.
Pioneer's flagship A/V receiver, code named "Susano," has set the industry standard for home theater performance and its 2008 top-of-the-line receivers, the SC-07 and SC-05, continue to incorporate the Direct Energy HD Amplifier with ICEpower™ analog class D amplification technology to produce a level of multi-channel power output, fidelity, and efficiency never before seen or heard in a home A/V receiver. Supported by the Company's legacy sound-tuning technology, the SC-07 and SC-05 were designed from the ground up to produce a 3-dimensional aural experience that will take listeners to the next level of high resolution multichannel surround sound in the entertainment room.
The Elite VSX-03TXH and VSX-01TXH join Pioneer's leading receiver from 2007 - the VSX-94TXH - to round out the entire 2008 offering. All three models flawlessly pass a 1080p picture with full reproduction capabilities of all new high resolution audio formats.
"Our flagship A/V receiver, the Susano, represents the pinnacle of high-end design and engineering in home theater equipment. We are now delivering that premium experience into our core line of Elite A/V receivers," said David Bales, audio marketing manager for the home entertainment division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. "The new Direct Energy HD amplifier with ICEpower technology was integral for us to provide the full impact of new uncompressed audio soundtracks now available on Blu-ray Discs. Just as HDTV and Blu-ray have brought new levels of high definition video performance to consumers, the new high resolution surround sound formats coupled with our expertise in multi-channel amplifier design truly deliver a high-definition, multi-channel A/V experience far beyond anything we have produced before."
Built for High Definition Surround Sound
The SC-07 and SC-05 in Pioneer's line of Elite receivers deliver robust, realistic sound quality as a result of the exclusive Direct Energy HD Amplifier. Pioneer combines its industry-leading amplifier design and sound tuning technologies with the most advanced digital signal processing (DSP) to produce high resolution surround sound at unprecedented efficiency levels. Now the receiver can operate at extraordinary output levels with extremely low distortion and virtually no wasted energy; all in an effort to develop the most advanced home theater amplifier to date.
Pioneer Introduces Four New Elite A/V Receivers / pg. 2
Entertainment enthusiasts can take advantage of internal decoding of new advanced lossless surround sound formats - DTS-HD™ Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution, Dolby® TrueHD and Dolby® Digital Plus - to finally experience the full impact these high resolution audio codecs deliver to the viewing experience with ultra-rich surround sound that complements, and completes, on-screen imagery.
For accurate, natural surround sound reproduction of all connected HD and SD devices, Pioneer employs its exclusive room tuning feature in all four new Elite receivers. Advanced MCACC ensures studio quality surround sound regardless of the room configuration. This feature makes subtle adjustments to optimize the audio experience for even the most discerning ear. In addition, Pioneer's Elite SC-07, SC-05 and VSX-94TXH incorporate the exclusive Full Band Phase Control, which eliminates "phase lag" or group delay between all speakers in a home theater system. This innovative DSP maintains soundtrack synchronization, ensuring the most accurate multi-channel sound reproduction is achieved and heard. All models include new symmetric equalization (EQ) for the most precise speaker calibration.
Pioneer's new Elite receivers (SC-07, SC-05 and VSX-94TXH) include Neural-THX™ allowing for encoded content to be delivered in a two-channel stereo format and decoded for dispersion among up to 7.1 channel surround sound. In addition, the full line of Elite receivers includes dialogue enhancements, a wide range of listening modes, Mid-night Listening and Lip-Sync A/V synchronization. For the ultimate digital signal processing, all Elite receivers utilize anti-jitter technologies. The SC-07 is equipped with a professional level Burr Brown Sampling Rate Converter (SRC) to scale all digital audio signals up to 192 kHz 24-bit resolution.
HD Digital Connectivity

Pioneer brings HDMI 1.3a with full support of 12-Bit Deep Color to deliver a stellar picture from connected sources with a range of hues and shades not previously possible. In addition, for analog video sources, Pioneer's Elite receivers are engineered for 1080p video processing with a Pioneer digital video converter and Faroudja video scaler chip that ensures up to full 1080p resolutions to best match the incoming video signal to the native resolution of a connected display.
Pioneer Audio Synergy
Pioneer's engineers developed unique settings in its A/V receivers to harmonize audio performance like never before. Pioneer created jitter-free playback and dynamic sound quality for music CDs. When connected to a new Blu-ray Disc player via HDMI, Pioneer's SC-07 and SC-05 receivers utilize a proprietary Precision Quartz Locking System (PQLS) that synchronizes data between the Blu-ray Disc player and the receiver, providing listeners with the ultimate precision in CD playback.
Networking and Consumer Convenience Features
Home Media Gallery

The SC-07 and SC-05 enhance the home theater experience with the exclusive Home Media Gallery. Pioneer's home networking feature enables users to select and playback personal digital music and JPEG photo files direct from a PC hard drive or USB for playback in the living room through the main HD home theater system.

Pioneer Introduces Four New Elite A/V Receivers / pg. 3
Through the receiver, users can easily access and stream digital media files directly from a connected home PC or laptop computer with IP networking capability. Home Media Gallery is compliant with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), Windows Vista or Windows Media Connect as well as Microsoft playsforsure™ DRM technology.
Additional Connectivity Options
Pioneer continues to provide full-feature entertainment connectivity with Advanced Digital iPod® USB for pure digital audio fidelity. It allows users to navigate and select personalized music playlists from their iPods. Users can control these digital components player with the receiver's remote control and on-screen display.
The proliferation of portable music devices has resulted in reduced audio file sizes that have negatively affected the reproduction quality of audio entertainment. Recognizing this, Pioneer employs its proprietary Sound Retriever DSP technology, which works by "filling in" and compensating for the audio data removed from the compressed files (WMA, MP3, MPEG-4 AAC) for music playback that is near CD quality.
Full Custom-Installation Ready

Pioneer's full of Elite A/V Receivers are ready for custom installation with the following features:

Multi-zone, multi-source capabilities allow Pioneer's Elite receivers to serve as the entertainment centerpiece of up to 3 A/V zones in the home

The SC-07 has dual HDMI video output and second zone component video output for zone 2 HD video capabilities

RS232 Port for PC and 3rd party custom control and connectivity

Advanced Direct Construction ensures enhanced reliability and performance

New product cosmetics synchronizes with design of the KURO displays and Blu-ray Disc players
The VSX-01TXH and VSX-03TXH will be available in June for a suggested price of $750 and $1,000, respectively. The SC-05 and SC-07 will be available in August for a suggested price of $1,800 and $2,200, respectively. The VSX-94TXH is currently available for $1,600.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Farewell Dinner

We are almost done with the job in Pioneer Niike Factory in Fukuroi. Today is the last night for us to enjoy the beautiful moment in this place before we heading towards Kawasaki tomorrow. We will leaving Japan on Friday.

Since today is the last night for us, all DPC members and Kawasaki members decided to bring us for a dinner at Hyotan Izakaya (ひょうたん居酒屋). We ate a lot of Japanese food here. Before starting, we had our Ice Breaking session by introducing ourselves to everybody. It was weird on having the Ice Breaking at the end of the trip; but as the idioms said, "Better Late Than Never".

We did talk about our interest, cultures and opinions. It was a great time spending with all of them. Hope that we could work together again somewhere in the future.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fukuroi updates

I have been ignoring my blog since I started my project. Luckily my blog don't have it's feelings towards me, or else I might not able to upload anything else here.

Well, back to the story, now I'm in Fukuroi. One of the Pioneer plant was build here and I was send here for the business trip plan. It was such a beautiful small town far away from the cities. Peaceful and harmony. Luckily there is an internet connection for me to communicate easily with my family and friends, also to update my blog here. ::wink::

It was the end of the winter, and we're entering the next season, the spring season. They call it as Sakura season. A lot of beautiful Sakura tree are blooming everywhere; as my picture above. They said, it was the best season here in Japan. The weather just nice, not too cold and not too hot (except when it is raining, then the temperature will fall down to the ground). It's good to be back here in Japan.

It's time for dinner, I will update more later.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Business Trip?

So today I will be depart to Japan together with 6 others collegue. Estimated arrived at Narita airport tomorrow morning. I've been working very hard since a few month ago on the project, especially these few weeks. (sorry, i got less time to spend on updating my blog). I will continue my work in Japan Pioneer Plant. Till then, see ya around.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

26th March 2008

Usually I don't put date as my topic, but for this special day, I put on the date as my topic. Want to know why? Hohh... Of course, it was my birthday.

Thanks to all who wishes me. May God bless you all.

p/s: takkan wish jek kot... Hulur2 la sikit. hehe...

Friday, March 21, 2008


Today is the Maulidurrasul.... May Peace Be Upon Him...

Currently I am busy with my project. I am struggling everyday for this project. It was everyday full of duties, and sometimes I just felt like the burden is too heavy for me with my 1 year + experience. But without challenges, life would be no meaning.

Lately, I worked about more than 14 hours in average on working days. When I reached home, the tired had filled me up and sometimes I just missed my dinner. You might see my body getting shrunk day by day. I will once again go to Japan for this project, together with other colleagues. After returning back, I hope I can have some rest before I keep on struggling by the middle of the year, somewhere in June.

Hopefully everything is fine and I pray for the success of this project.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

First of all,
Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese out there.
Thank you for the festive celebration I was entitled for not 1, not 2 but 3 holidays.

So, in less than 2 months time, 3 new years have been celebrated New Year 2008, Awal Muharram (Muslim New Year) and Chinese New Year. And I'm happy for those holidays.

Economy is not yet recover. Why? Still the biggest topic since last year, the Sub-prime Crisis. So most of the employee might not feel the impact of this crisis, but for those investors and businessman out there are getting crazy on this issue.
The issue only happened in America but it has effected the whole world's economy (See how powerful America is!) So, in order to tackle down this problem, the developed countries or known as the G-7 are going to have a meeting in Japan to discuss seriously on this matter.
Hopefully they can settle-down this issue so that we can see more smiley face after this.

On the other hand, I look this problem as an opportunity. I should pump-up some monies to my investment fund. Yes, the price is cheap. Less than 25c per unit. So, what are you waiting for?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

MPT Family Day

First of all, sorry for not updating this blog for quite a long time. Currently my job-load did not allow me to do so. Today is Saturday, and I have to spare sometime to my blog in order to keep it alive and kicking.

A lot things happened lately, but to summarized up also makes a long story. So, I guess it's better for me to highlight the last week event. Family Day... Due to budget limitation, the company brought us to the Wet World Batu Pahat. And to make the day more interesting, I brought along my Nikon D40x along and shoot as much picture as I wish to before I went down to the pool.

The best friend of mine, Mr. Asiq which was also the Vice-chairman for the event, becomes the Master of Ceremony on that day. Since both of us were busy on that day (he's holding the mic and I'm holding my D40x), we only get a chance to enter the pool quite late. Soon after, most of the people went out of the pool and change before went back home. What a disappointed moment for both of us, not only we couldn't bring our family on that day, we had missed our chances to get along with others. And the worst thing when you become a photographer... guess what? Yes correct... There is no picture inside your camera.... And if in case you asked others to take for you, you might not get the picture as you wish. (I should consider to use the timer on that day....)

Highlight of the event?
After the opening ceremony by the MD, there's aerobic session. Then a water polo games between local managers and Japanese managers. The result? Tuan rumah kalah ditempat sendiri. It was quite an interesting games with most of the crowd watching this game. Beside, there's a few games... ala.. family day, biasa la.. Then, we also got karaoke singing. I sang 2 songs (with my wet t-shirt on).

Overall, Wet World in my opinion, is a so-so water theme park. I bet they can make it better. But maybe due to limitation - money? location? They might not want to make a Sunway Lagoon near to Tongkang Pecah, won't they?

Sunday, January 06, 2008


As some of you might know (and most of you might not know), I played for a band mainly for function like weddings. And this is my extra-curricular activities which then will be written in my real life report card.

It was a bit of wrong timing to be in Japan in school holidays last time. We missed out 4 offers for wedding ceremony. So, as now I am back, we got another offer. But this time not a wedding ceremony. I was not clear what event it will be, but as inform, as usual, they need songs that they can dance with. So, this is what I call "Lagu Carik Makan!".

2 month in Japan makes me loose some of my skills as a guitarist. I can't play as good as I was last time. Especially when it comes to songs like 60's, joget, dangdut and old malay rock. My taste on music; i.e. the music I listen to everyday is totally opposite with the songs I had to play, and it makes things worst where I could not recall some of the arrangement of the songs. But all this songs aren't bad at all. I did enjoy playing some of the songs.

The next function will be on 20th January, and I have to prepare to play some dangdut and joget songs. To get my feet back into this scene, I need to listen back to most of the songs and practice. The problem is, I can hardly find some of the song as they are very rare and nobody convert the materials to digital form. Of course they provide me with cassette, but it is very difficult with my situation. All my cassette player, including walkman and recorder already broken. With this modern technology of digital music, who need the cassette player? I used to think so, and now I am totally wrong on that thought. But I wont waste my money to buy a cassette player just to listen to some of the cassette they provide me.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Long Holiday for New Year

In case you didn't know, the company gave us a long holiday until next Thursday. So, after I came back, working for 3 days, then I continue my holiday and next Friday will be the beginning of the new chapter of my career.

When talking about new year, most famous question of all time is "What's your new year resolution?"
Mine? - So if you want to know my new year resolution, I wanted to be successful in my career, as well as investment. So far I got a good return on my investment. I gain few thousand ringgit last year (most of them are paper gain!) I would love to invest more and as the forecast, year 2008 the market will be fluctuated. So, perhaps I must study some strategy on how to tackle this situation in order for me to benefit every up and down market.

Enough talking on new year resolution and investment thing. So what happened during my long holiday? So, last Tuesday I went back to my dad house in Kluang, but on the way there I make a brief stop at Batu Pahat. Kak Liza told me earlier, if I went to Batu Pahat, she would bring me to some Japanese Restaurant (after noticing how I like Japanese food). So Kak Liza, her son Ucop and me begin the journey of hunting for food around 3.00pm. I just realized that Batu Pahat have a lot of Restaurant serving the Japanese food. But, the luck is not at our side, the timing wasn't right. Most of them only served Japanese food after 6.30pm. After went back and forth, we end up at Sushi King - the final hope for Japanese food.So I ate the chicken (sorry, I really forget the name). This dish taste really good. (Credit to Kak Liza for 'belanja'ing me. For others, please make your offer in any other time!). I didn't eat much sushi as I saw a lot of merepek type of sushi on the conveyour.

I ate this sushi almost everyday for my dinner while staying in Kawasaki.

Before I went to Japan, i thought it was easy to find food such as sushi around Malaysia. They were sold everywhere especially in the supermarket. But after I returned back here, I slightly changed my mind. They did sold them everywhere, but the taste are different and the originality also distorted. They totally improvised it. Earlier today, I went to Carrefour and bought some sushi. Where else in the world can you find sushi with sambal? Furthermore, I was a little bit regret with the taste. Not as good as Japanese sushi. So, from my story above, you can make the conclusion yourself. And I totally believed the same thing will happened if you find mat salleh selling nasi lemak in the U.K. You can imagine how to feel eating nasi lemak with sausage or ham.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

So this is my first date... sorry, my first update ever since I'm back from Japan. It's good to be back here in Malaysia. As the old folk said,

Hujan Emas di Negeri Orang, Hujan Batu di Negeri Sendiri

Even hujan batu di negeri sendiri, negeri sendiri will always be better than any other place.

I'm taking this opportunity to wish all of you who dropped by my page for a Happy New Year 2008. Time just won't stop ticking and I am getting older day by day. This may means I am more matured than last year, this also means the death is getting nearer...

Yesterday I just registered a Celcom 3G broadband and FYI I am posting this blog using this 3G connection. So, why the hell did I choose this Celcom 3G? Why not Maxis 3G? (For those who didn't know, I'm using Maxis for my handphone line.) and why not TMNet Streamyx??? Ok, I got a few reasons here:

1. Reasonable price - RM68 per month for 3G connection. I didn't register for 3Gx (or 3.5G) which is offered at RM98 per month because there is no coverage in Muar. If I'm staying in Melaka or KL, then I might consider.
2. No contract period - I can terminate whenever I like. Unlike other providers, for example Streamyx. Even they have the promotion of RM77 for 1GB connection, I have to stick with the contract of 2 years. If I were having a baby, I bet he/she might know how to walk at that period of time.
3. Muar is in coverage - When Maxis put their effort for a better services, they forgot to consider the coverage. Muar only have Edge connectivity for Maxis.
4. Mobility - I can online anywhere, as long as there is a network coverage for Celcom. Unlike Streamyx. I have to stick my butt in my room if I wish to online.

I see first the performance of this connection. So far, it was OK. Not very impressive but at least I can online and download at home. No need to go to CC to update some files inside my laptop. Thanks to the technology. Technology indeed makes our life easier!
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