Friday, July 29, 2011

Prestige Leadership Programme

I am currently in Awana Genting for the PLP, Prestige Leadership Programme. This programme is intended for the middle management which is potential to be the future leaders, leading one division of an organization. PLP is designed for Malaysian GLCs to explore the potential, dig in their talents and equipped them with the necessary tools to become a future leaders.

Today, 5 days past and I am at the final night in room 19554. It was a tiring moment especially the programme running from day to night with little rest in between. Before I came here, I was thinking to absorb all the knowledge possible that I can gain throughout the entire session. However, being a secretariat, with the table location at the back of the room, my mindset is set to be the secretariat more than the participant. After all, I need to be sensitive to the environment. The roles and duty makes my focus changed hence I did not learn the most. Of course by listening passively behind, not much I can learn, unless I participated during the discussion, asking questions and giving opinion during the session.

All and all, I enjoyed every moment I spent here. Aside from the abundance of foods, I have learn a lot of valuable lessons through all the execution of the programme as well as observations. Things does not always goes well, and from all this mistakes and hiccup I learn better. The speakers involves, Dato' and Tan Sri, aside from all the professors. These people, especially the Tan Sri have the ability to give a good insight from the little words that they said. The little words comes from experience and experience is something too much valuable.

Hope to have more opportunities to learn through this kind of programme in the future and may Allah grant my wish.
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