Friday, April 23, 2010

2000 Biggest Companies in the World 2010

Forbes has released the 2000 Biggest Companies in the World on 21st April 2010.

Below is top 20's companies.
Below is the sorting based on Malaysian companies.

Based on this year's list, banking dominates the top of the list, nationally and internationally.
This year, total of 18 companies was listed as top 2000 biggest companies from Malaysia. As Malaysian, I am very proud of it. If you are Malaysian, so should you.

Based on side-by-side comparison between JPMorgan and CIMB, Malaysia is less than 10% in all categories. Malaysian should work harder, so that we can dominate the list on the near future. Finding a new job? You should consider baking industry. I heard Bank Rakyat is giving a superb bonus last year... Anybody from Bank Rakyat?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tony Blair at National Achievers Congress

National Achievers Congress (NAC) is an annual event hold by Success Resources, the largest training company in Asia. This event normally will call upon world greatest speaker to give some speak and insight normally targetted to achievers. Some of the known speakers including Jay Abraham, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, John Gray, Joe Girard and many more. Knowing all these big names and their impact on success, people are willing to invest a huge sum of money to attend the 2 days course (normally 3 days with 1 day of having all these advertisement).

Last year I have attended the NAC. It was Robert Kiyosaki together with his wife and his team, which they called it Rich Dad's advisor. I paid about RM2k (since I registered late, just a few weeks before the event) to attend, because of Kiyosaki is one of my all-time-favourite author. It was good to receive some of the informations especially some of the sales knowledge, stock analysis technique (even I'm not yet involved in stock market), real estate theories, gold and silver prediction and some others knowledge mainly about making money.

Soon after the event, they have offered me RM400 for the next year event as an early bird's price. It was so cheap compared to the amount I invested earlier, but they have not confirmed the name of the guest speaker. But some of the committee have revealed, they are approaching Tony Blair at that time. Immediately I rejected the offer.

Now, after confirming Tony Blair as the main speaker, together with Robert Allan and others, I am very glad did not buy the ticket on that day. Even though RM400, but supporting the event of the biggest liar which destroy Iraq by saying they are involve in weapon of mass distruction will be the biggest guilt I will ever commit.

Lately Tun Dr. Mahathir have posted in his blog twice about this liar, followed by others including some NGOs whose wanting to lempar selipar at him at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center. Most of people who are angry with the Iraq wars will be unhappy for Blair to come to Malaysia. We just wait and see what are the fate that this idiot will received.

I just wondering why Richard Tan (CEO of Success Resources) choosed Tony Blair as the main speaker for NAC.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scenario paintball

MMU Cnergy in collaboration with Skirmish Paintball Asia will be organizing scenario paintball event on 10 and 11th July. For any paintballers out there, please give me a buzz to know more about this event.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday - No Plastic Bag Day

Saturday is no plastic bag day in Selangor state. Who ever shopping in Selangor will need to pay 20c in order to receive a plastic bag. This is not only limited to supermarket and hypermarket such as Jusco, Carrefour etc. But also some other outlet especially inside the participating mall.

Last week we bought a few pair of socks at sox world. They are also claiming the 20c for the plastic bag. In a way, it is good practise in order to so called save the earth. However, I think the goods itself also was wrapped with the material named plastic! Why don't they remove everything and leave it naked so that they can contribute more to the mother earth.

I don't really agree on the campaign by not providing the plastic bag and asking customer for 20c if the customer insist on it. First of all, they expect customers will bring along the wooven bag from home so that they can carry all the goods with the bag . I agree this is a good practice in order to minimize the usage of plastic bags.

However, we still need to use plastic bag at home in order to throw away the rubbish. etc. So, even we did not get the plastic bag, people will buy the so called black plastic bag in order to fill in their trash can. The supermarket still selling these plastic bags.

I actually agreed on the campaign done by Jusco earlier and followed by many others including Petronas to produce bio-degradable plastic bag, in order to save the mother earth. These plastic will automatically disolve after a period of time. The objective is still the same. Using wooven bag also a cool idea. But to implement it, they should be giving incentives to those who applying it rather than punish for those who did not.

Thank God Putrajaya did not enforce this kind of law. Today, we have decided to shop at Putrajaya and received a number of plastic bags. At least we can fill in our rubbish into it later on. As a conclusion, let's shop outside Selangor on Saturday. :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

First day reporting

Today should be my 2nd day working in my new place. For me, it is a though decision to made and after several istikharah prayer, I finally made up my mind to quit and join this new company. So far my first day was very interesting. I believe I can do more, learn more and contribute more in this company. Considering the distance which very near compare to my previous one, I am able to go back to have lunch with my wife and play with my kids.

The good news is, time is very flexible - as you know flexible time does not only means you can only came in late, but you need to also work during lunch hour or maybe odd hours. Also, working here ends at 5.30pm and i can reach home before 6pm. (Which my 3 previous companies ends at 6.00pm). Before this I reach home earliest was around 8pm. Yesterday, I am able to trim the long grass at my home's compound and chit chat with my neighbour.

Yesterday, even during my first day, I have 5 jobs to handle including meeting over with foreign company for collaboration. I was very blur, but I believed I can catch up very fast. I really wish myself all the best on taking all these challenges!
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