Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Echo Smartpen

Technology is moving rapidly. More innovative product has been introduced to market.
As Fredrik Haren's definition of new idea is to combine 2 existing thing to produce 1 new thing, this is an excellent example of new idea of innovation. 
Watch the video. It'll explain everything.

Monday, September 27, 2010

BlackBerry Torch 9800

The new Blackberry Torch 9800. Blackberry line-up includes Bold and CURVE which using QWERTY keypad and STORM which using touch screen has now been hybrid with the new introduction of TORCH. Sounds like torch-light, this phone offers more flexibility to the user to choose whether to use keypad when typing or touch-screen when browsing the net or the photo.

The new features including the new Blackberry 6 OS and better browser.
Read more at:

1. All new look.
2. New OS 6 - Believe have solved some of the issues or bugs reported in previous and new enhancement on the
3. New browsing experience - The previous native browser - pre-install - is so slow. Problem solved using third party browser such as BOLT or Opera Mini.
4. Enhanced software such as integrated Social Media software. All updates in a single software.

1. Heavier than Bold 9700. People don't want to carry bulky item inside the pocket don't you?
2. According to review, the new OS sucks more battery life. Is it true?
3. The new OS6 is a bit slower than old one. Could be higher memory usage?

Overall, so far I am quite happy with Bold 9700 and don't find any necessity to have touch screen when the trackpad is doing fine job. Maybe in future, the technology requires the touch screen as pre-requisite, I don't know. However, from some review that I read, they are more comfortable with the Bold 9700 model. However, it's a good try from the Canadian RIM for innovating the product!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wes Montgomery - Caravan, over Ronin car chase

One of my favourite song improvised by Wes Montgomery from his album Movin' Wes (1967), Caravan. I wish I could play this kind of jazz. Anybody willing to teach me how to play jazz?

Caravan originally composed by Juan Tizol and first performed by Duke Ellington in 1937. source: wikipedia

Friday, September 17, 2010

Green shopping campaign

The initiative by the Selangor government to reduce plastic bag usage indeed helping a lot to save the mother earth. Plastic bag especially non-biodegradable can cause several problems when it did not handle properly. Worst, plastic took thousand of years to degrade if thrown or buried under the ground. And if burn out, the gases produce is harmful to our health.

As an alternative, most shopping complex or supermarket owner recommend consumer to bring their own wooven bag which they make available at their store. Beside giving encouragement, this bag also create sales to them. The problem with this is consumer always forgot to bring their own bag during shopping, as the habit of going to shop empty handed was created more than decades ago. The consumer end up paying 20c each Saturday even though they have a dozen of woven bag at their home (I am on of them, obviously), or else they have to carry all the goods purchased.

As an alternative to solve this problem Carrefour Putrajaya (I don't know if other Carrefour is doing the same) has taken a brilliant step by giving the customer an alternative way to carry their goods. By providing a counter filled with used boxes, complete with tape and cutter, the customer can conveniently store their items inside the box and pack them. Personally I see this as an effective measure to the problem faced and Carrefour have an easy solution to eliminate all the empty boxes (I don't know if they can sell this boxes with some little cash, but I believe the value is too small to them compare to the effort of sending them to the recycle area) while the consumer can bring home the box. The box is also harmless to the environment as it is purely made by the trees.

Innovation can lead to a better life. Sometimes small idea can give a huge impact to many people.

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fire-Garden - 245 Posts or Living in an Ultra World has been around since March 2006. It was quite sometime and today as I reviewed back some of the title that I posted, it really brings out some of the memory of the past. This blog is a journal for me and up-to this point, already 245 posts was posted. Even thought I am not too sure who reads my blog, due to lack of promotions, it already hits 8K+ viewers (most of them obviously comes from me, I guess) and only 55.8% comes from Malaysia. I remembered to promote this blog to some of the Japanese ex-colleagues during my last time working in Pioneer. It was an interesting posts back then and most of them enjoyed watching their photos posted inside my blog (and of course some don't and I removed the post).

Thanks to all the readers.
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