Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Farewell Dinner

We are almost done with the job in Pioneer Niike Factory in Fukuroi. Today is the last night for us to enjoy the beautiful moment in this place before we heading towards Kawasaki tomorrow. We will leaving Japan on Friday.

Since today is the last night for us, all DPC members and Kawasaki members decided to bring us for a dinner at Hyotan Izakaya (ひょうたん居酒屋). We ate a lot of Japanese food here. Before starting, we had our Ice Breaking session by introducing ourselves to everybody. It was weird on having the Ice Breaking at the end of the trip; but as the idioms said, "Better Late Than Never".

We did talk about our interest, cultures and opinions. It was a great time spending with all of them. Hope that we could work together again somewhere in the future.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fukuroi updates

I have been ignoring my blog since I started my project. Luckily my blog don't have it's feelings towards me, or else I might not able to upload anything else here.

Well, back to the story, now I'm in Fukuroi. One of the Pioneer plant was build here and I was send here for the business trip plan. It was such a beautiful small town far away from the cities. Peaceful and harmony. Luckily there is an internet connection for me to communicate easily with my family and friends, also to update my blog here. ::wink::

It was the end of the winter, and we're entering the next season, the spring season. They call it as Sakura season. A lot of beautiful Sakura tree are blooming everywhere; as my picture above. They said, it was the best season here in Japan. The weather just nice, not too cold and not too hot (except when it is raining, then the temperature will fall down to the ground). It's good to be back here in Japan.

It's time for dinner, I will update more later.
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