Sunday, January 06, 2008


As some of you might know (and most of you might not know), I played for a band mainly for function like weddings. And this is my extra-curricular activities which then will be written in my real life report card.

It was a bit of wrong timing to be in Japan in school holidays last time. We missed out 4 offers for wedding ceremony. So, as now I am back, we got another offer. But this time not a wedding ceremony. I was not clear what event it will be, but as inform, as usual, they need songs that they can dance with. So, this is what I call "Lagu Carik Makan!".

2 month in Japan makes me loose some of my skills as a guitarist. I can't play as good as I was last time. Especially when it comes to songs like 60's, joget, dangdut and old malay rock. My taste on music; i.e. the music I listen to everyday is totally opposite with the songs I had to play, and it makes things worst where I could not recall some of the arrangement of the songs. But all this songs aren't bad at all. I did enjoy playing some of the songs.

The next function will be on 20th January, and I have to prepare to play some dangdut and joget songs. To get my feet back into this scene, I need to listen back to most of the songs and practice. The problem is, I can hardly find some of the song as they are very rare and nobody convert the materials to digital form. Of course they provide me with cassette, but it is very difficult with my situation. All my cassette player, including walkman and recorder already broken. With this modern technology of digital music, who need the cassette player? I used to think so, and now I am totally wrong on that thought. But I wont waste my money to buy a cassette player just to listen to some of the cassette they provide me.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Long Holiday for New Year

In case you didn't know, the company gave us a long holiday until next Thursday. So, after I came back, working for 3 days, then I continue my holiday and next Friday will be the beginning of the new chapter of my career.

When talking about new year, most famous question of all time is "What's your new year resolution?"
Mine? - So if you want to know my new year resolution, I wanted to be successful in my career, as well as investment. So far I got a good return on my investment. I gain few thousand ringgit last year (most of them are paper gain!) I would love to invest more and as the forecast, year 2008 the market will be fluctuated. So, perhaps I must study some strategy on how to tackle this situation in order for me to benefit every up and down market.

Enough talking on new year resolution and investment thing. So what happened during my long holiday? So, last Tuesday I went back to my dad house in Kluang, but on the way there I make a brief stop at Batu Pahat. Kak Liza told me earlier, if I went to Batu Pahat, she would bring me to some Japanese Restaurant (after noticing how I like Japanese food). So Kak Liza, her son Ucop and me begin the journey of hunting for food around 3.00pm. I just realized that Batu Pahat have a lot of Restaurant serving the Japanese food. But, the luck is not at our side, the timing wasn't right. Most of them only served Japanese food after 6.30pm. After went back and forth, we end up at Sushi King - the final hope for Japanese food.So I ate the chicken (sorry, I really forget the name). This dish taste really good. (Credit to Kak Liza for 'belanja'ing me. For others, please make your offer in any other time!). I didn't eat much sushi as I saw a lot of merepek type of sushi on the conveyour.

I ate this sushi almost everyday for my dinner while staying in Kawasaki.

Before I went to Japan, i thought it was easy to find food such as sushi around Malaysia. They were sold everywhere especially in the supermarket. But after I returned back here, I slightly changed my mind. They did sold them everywhere, but the taste are different and the originality also distorted. They totally improvised it. Earlier today, I went to Carrefour and bought some sushi. Where else in the world can you find sushi with sambal? Furthermore, I was a little bit regret with the taste. Not as good as Japanese sushi. So, from my story above, you can make the conclusion yourself. And I totally believed the same thing will happened if you find mat salleh selling nasi lemak in the U.K. You can imagine how to feel eating nasi lemak with sausage or ham.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

So this is my first date... sorry, my first update ever since I'm back from Japan. It's good to be back here in Malaysia. As the old folk said,

Hujan Emas di Negeri Orang, Hujan Batu di Negeri Sendiri

Even hujan batu di negeri sendiri, negeri sendiri will always be better than any other place.

I'm taking this opportunity to wish all of you who dropped by my page for a Happy New Year 2008. Time just won't stop ticking and I am getting older day by day. This may means I am more matured than last year, this also means the death is getting nearer...

Yesterday I just registered a Celcom 3G broadband and FYI I am posting this blog using this 3G connection. So, why the hell did I choose this Celcom 3G? Why not Maxis 3G? (For those who didn't know, I'm using Maxis for my handphone line.) and why not TMNet Streamyx??? Ok, I got a few reasons here:

1. Reasonable price - RM68 per month for 3G connection. I didn't register for 3Gx (or 3.5G) which is offered at RM98 per month because there is no coverage in Muar. If I'm staying in Melaka or KL, then I might consider.
2. No contract period - I can terminate whenever I like. Unlike other providers, for example Streamyx. Even they have the promotion of RM77 for 1GB connection, I have to stick with the contract of 2 years. If I were having a baby, I bet he/she might know how to walk at that period of time.
3. Muar is in coverage - When Maxis put their effort for a better services, they forgot to consider the coverage. Muar only have Edge connectivity for Maxis.
4. Mobility - I can online anywhere, as long as there is a network coverage for Celcom. Unlike Streamyx. I have to stick my butt in my room if I wish to online.

I see first the performance of this connection. So far, it was OK. Not very impressive but at least I can online and download at home. No need to go to CC to update some files inside my laptop. Thanks to the technology. Technology indeed makes our life easier!
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