Thursday, April 27, 2006

Steve Vai

He's my favourite guitarist in this whole wide world. The reason is simply he's playing something different. Not like other guitarist, showing all the skills they've been practising, nor playing what other people play. But he's the one play the music which is truly come from heart. Most of his songs were like a story, where you can actually feel what he feels if you try to listen properly, and there's a sad part and happy part and what so ever. Speed was not the main issue in most of his composition. It is about the message so that people may understand what is going on in his mind during his composition.

Another guitarist which have the same criteria is Jason Becker. He also play from the heart. Even he is fast, but in most of the songs, it touches heart. He use the speed wisely not just tabur mana2 yg patut. Listen to his song - altitudes then you'll get what i mean.

Back to steve... One more thing i like about him is the showmanship. He's not static on the stage and he's also very creative. There are always something new in every show and how he interact with all of his bandmates. Try to download Steve Vai live in Astoria, you'll be impressed with all of his movement and how he show himself as a guitarist. He was like damn freak especially when playing some fast number. I showed the video to some of my friend. Some of them like impressed and some of them said he's psycho. Owhh.. what ever... Anyway, thanks spending some time reading all this nonsense...
Buy only original DVD/CD. Don't buy pirated one. If you don't have enough budget, please download it at torrent or any download software available. Don't buy it at inverno, Mahkota Parade. They might give you a pirated CDs with the price of original one.

After event...

Passion Outburst is already done. But my responsibilities still not yet done. there's a few more things to settled down. Everybody asking about their money, n i have to gave them as i promised before the event.
At 3.00pm i went to see Mr. Lim of F&N coca-cola and pay them their money for all the can drinks and mineral water. 4.30 i went to CiTS with azrul to settle all the payment. On the other day, i have received 7 CDs which labeled 1-4, 2 corrupted CDs and 1 unlabeled. After viewing some of the CDs, i find out there are something missing. and the most saddest part is my performance not on the CD... including 2 bands before us. And i am not sure about other bands. But luckily, i went to CITS, abg halim told me that they have the master copy on VHS. Fiuh.. what a relieve... So probably next week we'll convert everything, and can start to sell all the CDs to cover back all the cost.
Anyone want a copy of the show, we will be selling all the CDs probably during the study week. Please be patient ok?

i slept alot this few days... around 10-12 hours per day. just now i slept 1.45-3.00. I woke and i got a huge headache... and it still exist until now (8pm) but of course the pain is lesser. and i think i eat alot nowadays. my mouth always itchy for food. i have to buy some kacang, cloud 9 and anythings that can feed my mouth. junk food can keep my mouth happy...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Even though many of the committees did not agree with the rm5k i spend on ROM pro sound and all the packages, i have never changed my mind since i thought it is important to create a long term relationship with abg Rom n ROTTW. They will support the local scenes and they also need support from us. Instead of giving the sound system only, they gave many other things such as free coverage, hundreds of CDs and Cassettes, a small publicity to all the rottwailers and thru rottw official website, free subscribtion of ROTTW, free t-shirts for the committees (10 pieces) and probably some advice from his experience.

I've been to Abg Rom's House. The picture shown above is me with abg rom DIY guitar, a telecaster copy, but it was damn nice... this guitar is the one wing meng of LMB used on their video. and also some local artist borrowed for some studio recording. I tested one of Abg Rom most expensive Fender 60's start. it was damn nice... i started to felt in love with fender guitar (i am not a fender lover before... except for one telecaster i tried before purchasing my RG450). The only thing i dont like about fender was they dont have a floating bridge and the fret will always be less than 22. tone is the main thing about fender guitar... the tone was bulat2 which no other guitar or pickup can copy the tone... (hoh.. i talk alot bout guitar.. i am a guitar freak... only those who have the same interest may understand kot)

Passion Outburst is finally over

the event is finally over... i have never updated my blog for quite a while bcoz of too busy with this and that.. hopefully i can spend more time after this. even though the event was below expectation, many of the audience that day were satisfied for the event.. (at least that what people keep telling me.. if they lied, then it means i also lie to u la..) i gain a tremendous experience from organizing this event. especially when i took over the sponsorship division, which i learn alot in business and meeting people. it's like an exposure to the real world (which what i'm gonna face another few months from now.. 1 month + i guess). i met people like abg Rom (i met him before, but not as close as this time) of ROTTW, Mr. Calvin of Nestle, Mr. Aziz (courtesy) and Mr. Lim of F&N coca-cola, Mr. Wong and Mr. Rahman of RedBull, Mr. David of City Music, Puan Rahmah of Straits Meridian Hotel, Mr. Johari of D'Ibu, Jonathan Fun (my coursemate actually) and Casper of FunInvest and alot more companies which rejected our proposal. They remind me that living and surviving in this world is never an easy task.

There's a lot of things happening prior to the event which i was always wanted to post some of them on this blog, but since time is too jealous (masa mencemburui) so, i can't allocate my time for this blog (actually i can create one, but i was not in the mood kot). and now i already forgot what i wanted to say.. well nevermind... it's not a big deal anyway... i end up my post here since nothing more to say...

oh ya.. thanks to all who support the event...
-thanks to those who were coming...
-thanks to all the bands involve including those who not pass through the finals..
-thanks also to all the sponsors, red bull, nestle, f&n coca-cola, city music, straits meridian hotel, ROTTW, warner music, universal music and sony music.
-thanks to all the guest bands - seven collar t-shirt, cosmic funk express
-thanks also to Mr. Syukor for spending his precious time which suppose he spent with his family
-thanks to all hardworking committees

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hope everything's gonna be fine tomorrow

It's been a while since my last update for this blog. hmmm... actually, i dont even have time to update this blog since i was too busy with the battle of the bands. I slept for 2-3 hours per day.. settle things, have a discussion, bla.. bla.. bla.. but owh well... tomorrow gonna be the day, the moment which will pay everything i have spent on. 4-5 hours will show what i did for the past few months. hopefully everything's gonna be fine. I hope so...

well... good luck mr Johan...
thanks alot God... You teaches me alot this year.
Thanks to my dad also for his support... i would be in a very big trouble if he didn't support me for this event.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Farewell Dinner

Yesterday, QA department in cubic electronics were organizing a farewell dinner for me. It all happened at Orkid Hotel, Melaka which is situated infront of Renaissance. It was like already a few month, only they organized something for me. My bau cubic also gone already... But nevermind, pepatah english also said - better late than never. Or else i'll never have the chance to makan free with their money...

It was quite fun to meet them again. Although only 3 months period of training (actually 15 weeks), i feel like we're more like a family. Frankly, I was very sad to leave the company. But life must go on. And they don't even pay me with the proper amout of salary... so, why bother to work with them kan?

I sang a few songs for the karaoke session. The picture shown above is one of the proof. Luckily my voice was not that bad yesterday. To be honest, I don't like the food. So, please... if you guys want to organize me a farewell dinner or any dinner, please never pick Hotel Orkid unless there's no other place to go. They don't even wipe the spoon properly. (Hope that the hotel's manager read this, and he/she can take some proper action to maintain the standard).
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