Thursday, October 06, 2011

Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has inspired many people. He was not only a great innovator, he was also a great presenter, a great leader, and a great human being. He always has the 10-year ahead vision and doing things people would never think off and widely accepted by the people.

He has gone through the ups and downs of the technology business, created the first Apple Macintosh, been sacked by the people he hired, founded another company, Next, founded Pixar and produce Toy Story, and again bringing the Apple to the top. Ever since he took over back Apple Inc. the shares fold more than 100 times (imagine if you bought the stock that day).

Watch this video on his documentary.

Lesson from Steve

Steve has never been graduated from college. Yet he spoke to a graduation ceremony of Standford. Watch this video to learn some lesson - to follow your heart and about connecting dots in your life.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Making life “easy” for children usually makes life “hard” for them in adulthood.

Del Smith, the millionaire founder and chairman of Evergreen International Aviation, has often said, "Thank God I was born poor; I learned how to work." Like many others who made it to the top on their own, Smith believes that the greatest gift that can be given to a child is to teach him or her the value of work. It is a gift that can never be lost or stolen. It's a natural desire of parents to give their children material things they didn't have as children. Such generosity, however, often deprives children of the greatest gift you can give them: confidence in their ability to take care of themselves. When you make life "hard" for your children by requiring them to learn the value of work, they will have a far greater likelihood of success as adults.

Taken from Napoleon Hill Foundation
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