Friday, March 31, 2006

Pak Cik Salleh... Guitar maestro

Today i woke up at 10 minutes before 7. After done my subuh prayer, i have to check my website since i received an sms from my mum asking me to open a website n print something. After a while, i don't even manage to enter the site, i went back sleep at 8. Then i overslept until 10.35... Oh my God!!! I got class at 10.. damn... i quickly took my bath n go to campus. After i arrived, i saw some of my frens already on the motorcycle.. oh, they finished the class early today. nevermind la.. i straight away go to stad to clear some documents there.

After Jumaat prayer, sopeng and i went to cubic electronics and tesco, begging for sponsors... guess what... after i reach tesco, then only i realized i haven't sign the cubic letter... damn!

We went straight away to Briged Seni to meet pakcik salleh. They were practising there. I looked at sopeng face, he was like very impressed with briged's band practising for tomorrow's event with all the sexaphone n stuff. After have a short discussion with Pak Salleh, i took some video using my digicam.

This is a joget song improvised by Pak Salleh. Enjoy the video...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tiring day...

Yesterday, i woke up at 10+. Then i straight away prepare some documents and went to STAD for the 4th time regarding the sponsorship letters. Finally I managed to get the signature, it was like... fuhh... at last. So, I called Celcom and talk to their sponsorship division.And the officer there was like somekind of pressure or maybe PMS or what. Huh.. then i went to Post office inside the campus to buy a some POS EXPRESS. I went back to fill in all the address and put on the respective letter before i went back to campus around 2. I met Izyan at campus and we went to STAD to fax the letter. After fax and post all the letters, we were like fuhh... lega gilerr...

Then i went to Percetakan ... (can't remember the name) with afiq to settle down the tickets. Then straight away to city music, supersonic, daniel, Tesco and Jusco. Begging them for some sponsors. Have to make some follow up next week. Came back home at 7.30pm. After maghrib, then i slept like a baby for I was very exhausted. Then suddenly, around 9 got someone called me, want to meet me regarding the battle. I felt like a business man. After go here and there, at night meet some client. Haha..

In the end of the day, I opened up the report guideline for FYP and opened my FYP reference book a few minutes before i totally went to another world.

Pressure... And i must be able to work under pressure

Pressure... that is the most suitable words to describe my situation right now. Not bcoz of FYP, but the BOTB. Until today, we don't even manage to get the main sponsor. I put the blame on the sponsorship division since for me, they don't contribute on the task. Even if they are new, that's not the reason for failing to do everything if the attitude is like... "eh aku dah buat dah..." this is crap... I hate to work with people who do an A if i told to do A. B if told to do so and don't know how to elaborate those letters given.

As a result, I have to take over completely many task which i cannot trust the division to handle it. Don't say u contribute something if u don't managed to get the desired result, or at least u have the initiative to try all out of what u can. Some of my friends are willing to help me to make sure the things run as per plan. Luckily I still got them to support me to do all the uncomplete task even though they are busy with their own division.

Be able to work under pressure is for me an experience that i gain for this event. I feel like i need a vacation or something that may get my mind out of the world i am facing right now, at least for a while. But the problem is, i don't have enough ongkos to do that right now. The society need money, and most of the money were finished during the previous event, which should be they are contributing something to the society.

Yesterday I went for a jam at 3am and we finished everything at ~5a.m. just to release a part of my pressure. Even though this is not the best way to relase it, but at least I have released some portion of it. Well, everything must go on and i want this event to be successful. So, i must willing to take all the consequence and give my best shot.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Dear Johan...

Yesterday was my 23rd Birthday. Owh my God... I am getting older and older. Huh... Do i look old already? I remember a few weeks ago, during educare 2006, they closed some portion of the student parking area at campus, reserved for outsiders or exhibitors. But i just simply masuk since i haven't notice the tiny sign-board there. Then the committee say to me "eh.. adik... sini reserve..." Argghh... I am in epsilon level, and people still called me adik? Damn man.. do i look young?

Even though today is my birthday, I never felt that my birthday is a special day as i seldomly celebrate my birthday since I'm in MMU. Previous year, my birthdays were during the study week and everybody were busy with their notes n tutorial. But this year they have reschedule the planner. But still, nobody celebrate my birthday. Just a wish from a few people thru sms n YM.

I woke up at 3 since i slept quite late yesterday, and i am damn tired. It was an ordinary week end. I went to MP during evening with Izyan since she owes me a cup of Starbucks. Before we went there, we searched around the mall for potential company which can give sponsors for BoTB. I went in to Inverno, then I ask the guy for address, so that i can prepare a formal letter and proposal. But the guy don't really like my existance there and he said the person incharge already went back. Hey.. I just asked for an address... not for the sponsor. Bangang!!!

In Starbucks, i was like jakun. It was my first cup of starbucks ever since i was born. Haha... Thanks to izyan for sponsoring me. I'll find you back next year for more sponsors. I met my fren Doc (or his real name Syed) there. He was the supervisor, and i opened up topic bout sponsor one again. After borak for a while, we come out with the topic of the music they were playing. Hmm... there's a special CD with an expiry date.He showed us the CD and explain a lilbit on how it works. Damn wired. But really a new info for me.


Woke up at 2pm, and straight away thinking about the event. Yesterday, we promise the organizer to be there at 3 for soundcheck. But then, after i opened my SMS inbox, there's a message written there "Weys..Game aku postpone pkol 2.20..Bodow shial comitee neh......" Then i was like owhh.. Yesterday, I promise 2.30, 4am only we started. Today, promise at 3, arrived there 3+ with one line up is missing for the football game. I dont know who to blame. Definitely not his fault. Or should i maki the football committee? If i maki also they won't listen to me.

Then after waiting until the last rehearsal, than only we went for soundcheck, without the 2nd guitarist. I'm afraid that all the committee will chop that we are not good in time management or worst, malay will never be on time when they promise. We'll suddenly i was thinking of what Mr. Shazally said yesterday about time management.

Rehearsal finish at 5.00 and we have to be there at 6. I was wondering why so early we have to be there... I thought the event will start at 8. When we reach there at 6.30, the audience coming and at 7 VIPs already there. 7 they start the event. We have to perform 1 song as an opening and 1 more song in the middle of the event.

I can't understand when they started to talk in chinese. All my bandmates leave the ballroom after a while, and i am staying since for me, it is not appropriate to perform a just leave the event. I feel like rockstar if i perform then i straight away leave (even azmil also never did it). My frens they got their excuses so consider oklah. and i am alone there until the end of the event. listening to "chong cheng chong cheng".

The event was totally successful. It was organized by 2ndary student, but the way they manage was like a university level. But actually, the director is in form 6. So, it is equivlent to alpha student la kan? Just now, i received a video from my fren who invited me playing there. I thought last nite we were quite sux, but the video proof that we were not that bad.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

CEO of Celcom really change the way I think...

Yesterday, was an interesting day and the most interesting part of yesterday was the talk by Dato' Shazally Ramli, the CEO of Celcom Bhd. He was like, wow... never met someone like him before. I don't know how to describe him in a word or sentence. But he is a quality person with quality value in life and have so many knowledge in many different fields.

He joined Lever Brothers company, followed by Malaysian Tobacco and British Tobacco. Then he joined Astro and become the director of marketing there before he started a new television company called NTV7. As you can see, he join a totally different type of company everytime he switch and learn new things from all the different company.

I jotted down a page and a half of points from his speech since most of them are very useful and it's good to use it as a guideline in order to succeed in this whole new era. Damn, i love to listen words from a person like that.

After the talk i was like highly motivated and conduct the botb meeting with a very high enthusiasm. I was like wanted everybody to know what actually i gain from the talk. Well, but it seems like they don't really interested (maybe because the way i deliver it was not as interesting as Dato Shazally), i decided to finish the topic and let the meeting over at that point.

Then, at 2am, i went to Mama Jammerz to practice for Clorophyll tomorrow. I booked at 2.30. After reach there, i was searching for our bassist, since he told me he'll be there at 2+. But until 2.30, i can't even see his shadow (bayang pun tak nampak). I called him after a while of waiting, and he told me 3.30 he'll finished. I already told the organizer we'll be there at 2.30. We started at 4am and finished at 5.25. I was like feel guilty to the organizer, Desmond since he have to wait for us until 5.25.

We went to Subaidah to catch something to eat. Then i have to sent the drummer home at Telok Mas. I arrived home at 8, then straight away go to bed.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Busy week, last week, this week, and next-next week...

Been very busy this week. Just came back from STAD after seek for some advises for works that we've completed this morning. Too many task must be settled down. Huaarrghhh... Why did i have to do a lot of works? BoTB is just around the corner. I must put on full effort to make the event as interesting as possible. Even i am too busy with other things, but i must make sure the event is running smoothly and no such problems which can cause hyper tension during last minutes of the event.

Tonite i have to attend a leadership talk by the CEO of Celcom Berhad, Dato' Mohamad Shazalli Ramly, who was also founder of NTV7. I guess i've met him before. He's watching a football match with my uncle at Subang Jaya, and at the same time, our family is having a dinner. I was never thought that he is the CEO since his dressing was like a simple normal person. After introduced by my uncle, than only i realize that never ever judge the book by it's cover. Actually, it's the same situation as mine. People keep on saying that my face is like usrah... skema.. bla.. bla.. but they never predict that i'm listening to slipknot, jamm some nirvana and metallica stuffs.

After the talk, i must straight away lead to the Lecture Hall 11 ( FBLR5034 ) for BOTB meeting. Hopefully everything will be settled down in this 1 month time. it's time to make a move... boost out the publicity and let everybody knows about the event.

Then, at 12 i have to practice with my band (or should i call it as my temporary band) for the sake of tomorrow's event... CLOROPHYLL... Actually, we don't even have a name for the band. If they asked me tomorrow, then only i will start to kelam-kabut... and say..."err... ape aaa???" Lets think about a suitable name after this post.

Tomorrow pulak got sound check at around 11 something, then have to start down all the publicity's work for the event. and seek for some small small company for some small small sponsors. I am hoping that tomorrow's event will be great and help me to release some of the tenses trapped in my brain.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Starting to do my FYP report

Finally, after having a short meeting with my supervisor just now, he pleased with my application that i struggled for this few weeks. After a few time being rejected, finally I can smile after leave my supervisor's room. My supervisor, Mr Pau Kiu Nai (picture) asked me to stop on the developing side and start to write my thesis. Next week i will present him with my draft report so that he may know my actual progress on what i did (since he was not my supervisor during my first part).

Tomorrow i got one paper DSP (as i mentioned before) but still not yet cover even half of the syllybus. To many responsibilities i have to hold this trimester. I have to think about the society, president's council, BOTB, guitar class, FYP (most pressure part), 2 subjects taken, my lil sister's IPT application, performances and learning some stuff from Pakcik Salleh. It was like i filled up all my time with something to do.

Haven't touched my guitar since Monday. The last time i hold my guitar was when i came back from my practice for Clorophyll event. Hopefully I wont screwed up on the stage this Saturday. Anyway, if anybody interested to go for that event, tickets will be RM10. The event is about self composed song. We were invited as a guess band. JerryC's Canon in D was never an easy song to play. Especially, to play in a band. The timing and stuff. Well, Sessah jek la...(borrow Aman's words) Layankan aje... (this one from Anep)

Battle of the Bands - PASSION OUTBURST!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Study... Study... Study...

I got test this coming Thursday, and today is the first day i opened up my notes and do some tutorial question. Fuhh.. This is the thoughest subject for this trimester... or maybe for the whole course i guess... it's DSP - Digital Signal Processing. I do really need a motivation right now. I need to score this subject, as for this is my last trimester and I do really need to raise up my CGPA.

At 10am, we have been visited by 2 TMNET guys to check out the connection of our Streamyx. After figure out for a while, then they come out with a solution to change the port... what port i don't even care as long as the connection is ok! soon after they leave... tadaaa... the connection is on! yeay... i don't have to add on my sins by maki2 the tmnet anymore...

Today i stay at home all day long... from morning till nite, i never even reach out of the gate of my house. Fuhh... And not a single cent come out from my wallet. Haha...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

FYP... FYP... FYP...

Tension with the internet connection for this few days. but what to say, i called them but they say "please allow 24-48 working hours." 48 working hours is 6 days, and 1 week only 5 working days. so... more than 1 week la ea??? 1/4 of our monthly streamyx fees are paid for nothing. damn, i hate tmnet!

Since yesterday, i worked on my FYP. Continue for my project. I have some difficulties, but after a while I managed to solve them with the help of my good friend/housemate - tokey. until 2.30pm, finally, i went to get some food to eat before attending my Computer Graphic and Virtual Reality class at 3. then at 4 i straight away go to my supervisor's room... then, he rejected my work and tell me to do this and that, this and that. aisey... i thought he would be happy since i was very satisfied with what i come out with... well nevermind... have to work harder!!! arghh.. midterm is just around the corner, and i haven't study anything.

Got practice session at 7.45. play at Mama Jammerz, then David, the guy who invited me to the clorophyl came to see us play just now. he was very impressed, but i do think that we were sux just now. whatever...

Friday, March 17, 2006

MMU Open Day...

Tomorrow will be the 4th (last i guess) MMU open day for this academic year. There are 3 open day which i was called by Mr Syukor to perform during the event as a representative from MMUsic Society and of course with some of my frens. But since i am too lazy to practice, so i prefer to play alone and let another session handled by my colleague.

So, tomorrow is the last MMU open day. I will play with vig and hopefully anep n the gang can make it also. There are some picture of me during the previous open days.

Image hosting by Photobucket

This one during the first Open Day with Prof Dato Dr Gauth Jasmon.

Image hosting by Photobucket

This one during the 2nd Open day...

Image hosting by Photobucket

For the third open day, i brought my Ibanez RG450LTD-BC and BOSS GT-8 with me and play with some backing tracks.

Hope to see you guys tomorrow!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Invited to play during Clorophyll

Yesterday, i received a call from a guy named David Low, asking me to play for an event name Clorophyll. Actually he PM me at jamtank last week, inviting me to play there. I never know what's the event is all about, and i only interested for the invitation, asking me to perform on that nite. it will be held at melacca city bay view hotel, 25th March, a day before my 23rd birthday. And he asked me to play some shred stuff, and asking me to play Canon in D rock version, by JerryC. (you can search the video on google by typing 'JerryC').

Yesterday, for the whole nite, i try to practice that particular song. It's a cover from Johann Pachelbel, a classic one. But until today not yet managed to play to whole song plus i can't even follow to play as the rock version tempo. Hmm.. a got less than 2 weeks to practise the song.

Today, after the DSP class, we have a short discussion on the MATLAB assignment. While everybody is giving their opinion, I am the one who blurred since i have studied nothing for both of the subjects taken this trimester. Like Prof Rao said to me during my Beta year "what a lousy student you are". Arghh... Have to study and prove to everybody that i am brilliant and intelligent enough for that kind of question. Haha... Well you can do it Johan!!!

I wonder what happened this few days... I asked Izyan to book a venue for today's meeting and the result was "no room available". Than just now i booked a venue for this monday and still come out with the same msg "no room available". Hey, what happened?? I'll go and see Mr Syukor tomorrow regarding this problem or else, how we going to conduct the guitar class and meeting for BOTB? Or should we do the meeting at CLC concourse?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Internet is upped again...

for the past few days, internet were down at my lovely home... i wonder why such thing happened since we didn't pay the bills for only a month. Usually after 3 months than only they cut down the connection... i really need the connection right now in order for me to do some research and readings for my FYP. Thank God for bringing back the connection. I just came back from Amin's room at campus hostel just now. He taught me some stuff about PHP. Since i will use this as part of my FYP.

Yesterday, my schedule was quite pack. I came home at around 5 am in the morning. I slept around 7am. I woke up at 10.30, and went to campus at 11.15 for the MMU open day performance. Then, i have to rush to Xuan Music Station (also known as Sparkle studio) for an audition for MMU AWARD NITE which will be held on 8th of April... I straightly went to main hall since some of my frens will be performing that nite and to look out on how they handle the rehearsal n stuff. I came back home at 4pm....

While i reached home, i was damn hungry. After cook some rice, then i realize that the bawang already finished. I quickly went to JUSCO to buy some bawang. Then only i masak. After eat my brunch, i felt asleep until 8+. I woke up, and have to rush to main hall for the College Festive '06 (or we called it as CFF). Finished at 12, i went for some food with Amin at Tom yam near taman merdeka before he teaches me about PHP n stuff. now already 4:14... and i'm starting to felt sleepy... so.. tata...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

ibanez JEM for sale!!!

huh... somebody sent me an email.. an ibanez JEM for sale.... damn... it comes with a hard case. just ask him about the price.... RM7777... darn... JEM model!!! Steve vai's signature model. somebody have to lend me some money... pleaseee.... or perhaps any sponsors???


neck type -3pc JEM neck
body - American Basswood body
fret - W/6105 frets
bridge - Edge Pro bridge
neck pu - DiMarzio® Breed® (H) neck pu
middle pu - DiMarzio® Breed® (S) mid pu
bridge pu - DiMarzio® Breed® (H) bridge pu

DiMarzio breed is a pickup special made for vai and only available with JEM model. it was never sold saperately.. (unless if someone take it out from the kilang la...)

i tried one JEM model before at bentley... but it was quite a low end. i.e. cheap one la... cost only rm1k+. not really satisfied. I tested ibanez PGM model (paul gilber model) korean made... rm1k+ also... and it was sux. but after i tried Zack Kim's PGM model, Japan made, it was damn nice. He told me that the price was rm5k+. There's a lot of differences between cheap and expensive guitar... (otherwise what for wasting money buying an expensive one kan??)

but RM7777 is too expensive lorr... that money can be use for my hantaran. well, just stick with my RG450LTD-BC for the time being. Planning to buy one fender telecaster. I like the tone... American tele will cost around rm5k, which also can use as hantaran... Haha...

haha.. can delay my lab report today...

just received sms from ej after i ask him about the lab report... huh... they gave 2 weeks for us to submit. i thought only 1 week... so, chill la... no need to hurry.. concentrate on other things first like play the guitar... chat with people and post this blog.. haha... actually, my peak of pressure started yesterday after Mr Pau ask me to do programming on server side... since don't have basic background on even web based server... how do i conduct a program for mobile server... aisey.. have to see someone to teach me first la... actually this things can be learn very fast, but i have no mood at all... this makes everything go slow... i need some motivation first, then i can start to run again to completed all my duties... hmmm...owh damn so hot today... also yesterday, and last week... luckily i have my table fan and it helps me alot... since the oil price increase, i seldomly use my airconditioner while driving my car. hopefully this will save me some money since i am planning to grab a DVD-camcorder... haha... it may takes couple of months of maybe years.

my first post ever for this blog...

Hi everybody....
salam alaikum...

Huh.. I don't know why, suddenly i feel like i want to create my own blog... i never think to open any of it before... maybe because of too pressure with all the things n stuffs, so i decided to find a place to release it. Actually there's a number of places i can release all of this tense i am facing but at least this is the simplest way and cost effective... haha.. if you want to release it at a fren, tell him what's going on, it might happened that your fren feel bored with ur stories and it's not proper to suddenly stopping u from telling ur stories. If i post it here, whenever u feel bored, just click the x button. Lepak with fren must at least go to kedai mamak or any restaurant.. or maybe pantai... this will at least cost some money for meal or fuel... hahaha (berkira betul...) but anyway... i might not telling people stories bout my problems here. since male usually would rather solve the problem himself than seeking for help from other people.....
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