Friday, July 06, 2012

"How to be Successful" by Steve Vai

Is it a coincidence that Steve Vai talk about success? He sounds like a success guru or personal development expert.
I have been a big fan of Steve Vai - if you reckoned in so many of my previous post. I am not a big fan of Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani or Petrucci. Now, I am soo into this personal development stuff, talking about success and stuff.

It is about the attraction - like attract like. That's the law.
Anyhow, enjoy whatever he said. Because whatever he said does not have contradiction at all with other personal development book and Steve Vai is the living proof of successful people in his field concentrating in things that he is passionate the most. Same goes to Steve Jobs (another coincidence that all of my idols named Steve).

Steve do talk about imagine that you able to play the difficult part of the music. This is again law of attraction. And LoA is the area that I have interest in.

All and all, I have viewed this video again-and-again with the hope that whatever he said, stuck into my brain!

Thank you
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