Friday, December 31, 2010

Mama and Hafyz: The Return

Last week, my parents-in-law came over and brought back home my wife and my son. It not because of we had a figth or what-so-ever. The 3 of us was not feeling well. Among all, I am the least affected by the sickness because of my anti-body was damn good. However, my wife is struggling to take care of my little son who still going hyper even on sick mode. In addition, my wife is carrying another person in her tummy.

Pity with the situation, my parents-in-law came out with a plan to kidnap them and bring over to kampung. At least there are somebody to look over them. In fact, leveraging to them is the best strategy in this kind of situation. I was kinda busy with work and other activities. As a person who are having high dedication over the work, I sometimes come back home a little bit late, which causing my wife suffer more.

After a week past by, the temperature is getting back to normal. Only caughing are still stubborn to go away up till now! It was the end of the year. Here we are, I brought them home back after the announcement of the Piala Suzuki's holiday by our prime minister. It's a wonderful time to hang around with these 2 people! Especially at the year end. Will be sending them back a week after because of the Korean students. I need to travel a lot and it is best to send them back to home. Load of love to both of you!
p/s: For those who have not yet married, you better go for it quickly. These are the joy that sent from the heaven and you wont want to delay it for too long!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Got a new MacBook Pro

This is my first post using this new MacBook Pro.
Mac is really2 awesome, althoughI have to spend sometime to get use to it.
In my opinion, Mac has a lot of common sense technology that have not been developed by other PC manufacturer and other OS. Even some of the Windows features is not here in Mac, you can always install a Windows to your Mac if you wish to.
Thanks for this great technology.

p/s: Using the Law of Attraction to attract more positive things in my life.
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