Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yokohama (the 2nd)

It was already past 2 weeks of Hari Raya and the mood of Raya might still exist around the country. Some might still visiting their relatives and friends especially during week end. But it was a totally different situation as me. On the 5th Raya, I was here in Japan for the company trip. It was the second time I have to be in Japan during raya, where last time on 4th of Raya, I was been send for my first trip here. [pity me...]

It was an enjoyable moment to work together with Pioneer Kawasaki members as most of them are very kind and friendly. This is definitely true when they invite us for a 'jalan-jalan' in the Yokohama city, situated not very far from Kawasaki Plant. Me and 3 other mates were invited on last Wednesday by 4 other Kawasaki members. It was my second time to visit this city, which the first trip also organized by them (but at that time, I was completely alone in Japan... ).

We went to the Yokohama City by train as soon as the 6 O'clock bell rang. We stop by at the Hard Rock Cafe, (which one of us was very into it). While waiting my colleague buying something from the shop, we snap some pictures as I believed, picture is an object which stores memories. Even I love to take photo, but I realized the only negative point of being a photographer is in many case you cannot take a picture of yourself as you desired. (I wish I could create a camera which can took the picture of the cameraman - yes, please asked Doraemon for this. ...Ok, it's not funny anyway...)

We then went to the 68th floor of the Sky Garden (if I not mistaken, the tallest building in the city) for sight seeing. It cost us 1000yen per adult entry (convert to current RM is about RM34.50). Anyway, please have a careful look at picture on your right hand side, as you maybe can feel what we feel on top of the building. (Sila jeles ye...)

After some sight seeing of the beautiful Yokohama City, we're heading to the 'Eat-all-you-can' restaurant. The concept is similar to the buffet style, but it was given a time interval before you need to end the 'filing-your-stomach' session. Thank God we can eat most of the dishes which was served here. I like to eat the jagung, as the sweetcorn taste really 'creamy fatty' (direct translation of rasa lemak berkrim).
I was almost cannot walk when I finished eating all the stuff that I can. It was always being pleasure to be served as a guest. =) In conclusion, the trip was marvelous, and for those couple out there, please come here to Yokohama, as the city was very romantic and nice (Owh... to my wife, if you read this, please help me to fill-up the fund before we could go here .)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pak Lah Resign!

While I was talking about my good friend resigned from the company, there is another person tendering the resignation. Finally, he made a wise decision. I wish not to elaborate more, but credit should be given to Tan Sri Muhyiddin for raising this matter up, until the decision which was earlier made in the middle of 2010, change to March 2009.

p/s : This is my first time posting a political topic in this forum. I have wrote a lot but I decide to save them instead of posting them.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ibanez : JEMINI

Steve Vai has been work out together with Ibanez since 1987 to produce his signature series of JEM, also UV (the 7-strings Universe models). Steve had been using Boss Distortion DS-1 in various concerts aside from others effect. Recently, Steve has work together with Ibanez to produce his first signature of stomp-box distortion pedal : JEMINI.

It is consist of 2 pedals which combine distortion and overdrive, and you can see the VAI logo on each of the foot pedal. The multi-coloured body was design similar to earlier JEM guitar model (as you can see in Passion and Warfare album). It will be release somewhere around winter of 2008, so please be patient as it will hit us soon (Malaysia I am not sure, but you can start to save your money inside your piggy bank). You can also check out below Youtube video, Vai with his bestfriend Steve will demonstrate the new distortion pedal.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidil fitri.

Buat isteri tercinta,
Ayahanda dan bonda,
Saudara 6 beradik yg duduk merata di dunia,
Sepupu sepapat, saudara mara,
Rakan2 kerja, universiti, sekolah dan tadika,
Serta seluruh umat Islam di pelusuk alam maya...

Dengan tulus ikhlas memohon maaf diatas segala kesalahan,
secara kebetulan atau tidak disengajakan.

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