Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toastmasters and Writers' Workshop

I've been wanting to join the Toastmasters club since I was working at my previous company. I have an earlier post on this, however, yesterday only I have the opportunity to attend the Toastmasters meeting in FOE, MMU Cyberjaya campus. You can find out more at the blog:

My comment, it marvelous. I was coming as a guest. Not yet a member. I was one of the volunteer to give a 2 minutes random topic which I have to choose a card. There are several activities happening such as counting the emmm.... err.... aaa...., grammar comment and comment from one appointed observer. Comments given was my errr... was 5 times and a get move up and down which is annoying. (You can see I did the same thing at my youtube, while playing guitar for the song Canon Rock). Other than that, they are saying my public speaking was quite good, like I am used to it. (hurray for me!).

Even coming as a guest, I have something to improve myself. Then I decided to join, as I wanted to sharpen my skills to be able to talk like some of the senior members (although some are student which younger than me), but their ability to deliver the speech was fantastic! I would like to encourage all readers to join the club as well. You can search on the toastmasters website and find the nearest location and attend as a guest!

     Enough of Toastmasters, today I attended another workshop which called Writers' Workshop. Basically how I was in the workshop was I responded to the advertisment inside the campus asking 'WRITERS WANTED'. I did respond, and it was actually for the University's publication.

What I learn during the workshop was non-other than journalist skills. How to write a news for the publication. As the speaker is a lecturer, I feel like some part of the workshop was a bit formal kind of presentation (even he claim to have a casual style of workshop) resulting in a boring way of communication for some part of it. I don't know, maybe I've attended a lot of seminars and training provided by the professional trainers instead of lecturers. And he looks like rushing to finish all the topic as fast as Shinkansen (the bullet train). However, the content is very much useful. (If the trainer read this, no offence. It's totally just my personal opinion. I myself couldn't do better).

I have managed to get some of the idea of journalism. How to write a journal and some brief idea on how to tackle people to read your article. However, it was not easy to master everything thought in a day workshop. Might need a lot more to study. Obviously, the technique is totally different compare to writing a blog. Too many do's and don't, method of delivering the messages etc etc. The single most unlike thing was, the trainer never share the slides, which if I know earlier I have snap all the slides content using my Blackberry!

Hopefully I can be benefited from all these two events I've attended in these 2 days.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Do you proud of 5% increment?

Fomca: Prices of essential goods up at 5% per year

PETALING JAYA: Prices of essential goods are still rising at a rate of 5% annually, according to Fomca’s consumer research and resource centre.
“Generally, prices of goods fluctuate in the short term but increases annually at an average rate of 5%,” said the centre’s chief executive officer, Datuk Paul Selva Raj.
Until March, consumer prices continued its upward trend, led by increases in food prices and utility bills.
 Read more here

Above are some of the few lines on today's headline. Essential goods going to be up by 5%. Relate to the topic of this post, do you think it is good enough to have 5% increment when the inflation rate and the purchasing power of your ringgit value is still the same. In other words, you gain nothing in value, except the numbers.

Now, if companies still didn't revise their salary pattern, especially starting salary, the budget might as well become negative, and AKPK will become the most popular organization receiving phone calls.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

iPhone 4 - The next thing I need to visualize

I don't know, maybe most people already watch the clip or read about iphone 4. However, just happened that I only notice the existance (at least prototype or conceptual design) today inside one of my friend's FB page.

It's cool though, even though I think the older hardware design looks nicer (this is totally my personal opinion. However, the functionality wise or usage wise has improved (if not drastically, at least there is some). At least they have done a very good marketing gimmick so that people are started to wanting them and create a demand inside the market before the thing is ready to the market.

I just put this thing in my wishlist and I need to start visualize on this. Yup, another photo need to paste in front of my table. :p

more info:

Sunday, June 06, 2010


After realizing I'm switching from engineering works to marketing related stuff, I notice that I have lack of basic on marketing, especially theoretical terms and stuff. Therefore, I am thinking to pursue my Masters Degree in MBA. EPF would really help in assisting to fund for the tuition fees, however, the same account 2 I am planning to use it to buy house.

I have consult with one of my friend who owns 2 school (pre-school to be precise); in Subang Jaya and Damansara Utama, on the needs to having masters degree. He mentioned that if I were spending some 5 figure of money just to have the degree, compare to the increment on the salary, say RM200 per month increase, how long will it take to give the ROI? Business point of view, that's the best point that I need to consider. Anyway, looking at the other angle, my objective is not to gain salary increment. But to grow and have a different set of mindset.

Anyhow, that friend of mine instead suggest me to go on Toastmasters. It might help on building personalities. I did the research year ago and did agree on his suggestion. Furthermore, while reading 'The Magic of Thinking Big', the author did recommend Toastmasters in a part of a chapter.

Yup, I am joining for the Toastmasters club very soon. Hopefully, there will be some fruitful result by joining the activities conducted by Toastmasters Club.
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