Friday, July 18, 2008

Safari - Surfing the web in the jungle

I noticed this few days, the internet was quite slow. The icon of loading still turn around but the page never fully load, and worst, never load at all. Tired of this situation, I decided to install alternative browser other than the konon2nya most use web browser la kan... After download yesterday, I straight went to sleep since the time doesn't allow me to proceed further. Today, I came back home and install this Safari web browser, and surprisingly my problem solve. This is what I call effective counter-measure.

Safari, in their website claim themselves as the fastest web browser on any platform. Now still on my monitoring stage, and I think the simple interface and layout makes me feel very comfortable with this web browser.

Those readers out there, please give it a try. I am not sure if I am the last person who using this. Feel free to add some comment if you agree with me.

Safari2.09Safari 3.1
Firefox3.62Firefox 2
Internet Explorer4.00Internet Explorer 7
Opera5.95Opera 9
  • HTML Performance

Safari0.36Safari 3.1
Firefox1.50Firefox 2
Internet Explorer2.18Internet Explorer 7
Opera0.88Opera 9

  • JavaScript Performance

Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy : Reason or excuse?

Updating my blog is actually an interesting thing to do. But I keep on using the same reason, or should I call it as an excuses; that I have been very busy with my task. Damn, there shouldn't be such excuses. I realized that it is important to differentiate between busy and ineffective on doing work. I always giving lame excuses on not having time for this and that, also for not having a lot of money. So, I should change my mind set and make things back on track.

To be honest, I have thousands of things to say inside my blog. Starting with my wedding ceremony, the politics issues, the increasing of oil prices; globally and locally, the bear market trends and of course the world economy. I didn't blame my job restrict me on doing most of these things, but it was totally the freedom inside of me. I would not wish to elaborate more on this. Let's God and those who are really close to me knows what am I facing right now.

I have changed my status since early June. I am no more single. I have been married and now we are staying separate. So, they called me week end husband. What-ever. Temporary, that is the best that we can do. Making things worst, before I finished my marriage leave, the government announce the raise of oil price and it really pissed a guy like me who planned to travel during some week days, to see my wife. Staying in this low-paid job makes the survival more difficult, and it is really a challenge for me. I am waiting for a RM5K/month income, or maybe a cash flow from other investment.

I will add more post in the future, but for today, let us finish here.
I will see you again soon.
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