Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Err... typical malay

I just got a fwd msg from YM just now. Since I got nothing better to do, I just opened up the page. Here's the page:
The title was "siti speaking london" and clearly from the video, Siti was like kinda mixing with some of malay words. Hurmmm... And I do believe this video was uploaded by a malay guy. The motive was to embrace this poor siti, from the title given. Hey, what's wrong with her speaking english? at least she tried. Typical malay, when their own race tried something, and not perfect enough then people will start talking bout it.

I'm not sure whether u guys noticed this or not. when a malay talk english, and it sound malay slang "dis thing kenot la", suddenly people will start saying, giler ahh!! bunyik melayu. But when chinese say something which sound chinese... "He always like that maaa..." nobody's bothered. When Indian says "dey, don'd do that(d) la machaaa..." also nobody bothered. Hurm... yeah.. typical malay.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Space Cop Gaban!!! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Yesterday, while searching what file to download, i found one link for Gaban and Suria Perkasa Hitam theme song. I don't know about you guys, but i am really really fanatic about this two super hero during my primary school before they showed ultraman Ace on the TV. Really make me wanted to laugh when i'm thinking bout my past life... Haha!! masa budak2 mmg bangang (some did said that i am still bangang up to this moment). But whatever... If you wanted to listen to gaban theme song in midi format, you may visit this site. or if you wanted the full mp3 song you can try search at torrent malaya website. Alternatively, you may come to my house (I'm not sure where my next house will be) and you can bring your thumb drive to copy all together 4 files. Hoping to download some of the series but i don't think it's possible, since I don't think anybody in malaysia recording the series, or if somebody did, probably the tape is already full with all those cendawan and kulat!

The other day i downloaded series of Teenage mutant ninja turtles (episode 1 and 2). These episodes were the episode that a wish I could watch during my younger ages, becoz I missed the earlier episode and I wonder how the mutants change themselves. Thanks to every party who created all this new technologies. But today's episode of Teenage mutant ninja turtle was really dissapoint me. They don't look cute anymore, instead they look Tagap2 and really crappy. Hoh... They vanished all the feels of how ninja turtles supposed to be.

RM2.20 pulak

Hurm.. yesterday while i clean up my house (we are about getting to move from this house), then i decided to sell all my notes and a few megazine such as going places (MAS airline punya mags and some old CHIPS megazine (where i find that the content no more relevant with today's technology). So I collected about 22kg of papers, including a few grams of newspapers (yeah... i don't really read papers). Guess how much i recieved from the apek??? Oh! I forgot i already tell earlier on the title column... Yeah.. RM2.20 only??? 10c per kilo. Dah tu, sume pun dia tanya, ni taknak jual, tu taknak jual? including my Zildjian 16" crash where already cracked. "ini besi maaa..." kepala hotak ko! asal besi jek nak jual la... tu keta aku kat depan taknak tanya nak jual!!??? dah la bagi RM2.20 jek!

He must've made alot of money by selling back all those papers back. Hurmm.. but nevermind la, since i also planned to throw away all those notes and outdated megazine, he actually made my life easier.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Light Of The Moon

Light Of The Moon

She never knew how cold it gets
alone in a city she never will forget
As tears seem to fall like lead
into his silent and empty bed

They were never meant to be alone
in two cities they never could call home
And all his letters she holds to her breast
So his words she could breathe into herself, and they said…

We could go live in the city down under
where all the sunshine and people are good
And the melodies flow in rainbows of colors
And we'll dance in the silvery light of the moon
We could be drinking the light of the moon...

Without him the days are dark
she can't see the sunrise or even the stars
he stands through her picture frame
Remembering her laughing while running in the rain

And he regrets the things he said
They broke her down, the day that she left
But life's too precious to let it slip away
And now her message is clear as a bell, and it says….

We could go live in the city down under
where all the sunshine and people are good
And the melodies flow in rainbows of colors
And we'll dance in the silvery light of the moon
We could be drinking the light of the moon...

Song and lyrics written by Steve Vai
Taken from the album "Alive in an Ultra World"
Release Date: June 19, 2001
Catalog: Epic Records / Sony Music E2K85183
Produced by: Steve Vai
Edited, Mixed and Mastered by: Steve Vai & Neil Citron
Click here to read Steve tell the story of the recording of Alive In An Ultra World.


Guess what... Today at last, all the cans that i collected since 3 years ago was sold to the "kedai besi buruk". Hey... I 've been collecting cans since I was in Gamma, and only RM25.20. Haha.... They are selling RM5 per kilo now, which is quite high compare to last time. I thought i will gain around RM60 - RM70. Heh... Life ain't never gonna be easy. Can u imagine all the makcik keep on collecting the cans around campus, how much they received per day?

Well, Nirman the other day received RM60+ from total of 13kg of aluminium cans (at that time the price was RM4.80/kilo - the price just increase recently).
Hey.. I started collecting all this cans earlier, then only he follows. But he managed to get more than me??? Well, i guess I learned something today. Hardworking is the key of success! Always keep this in mind.. ok? Doesn't matter you've created all new methods or technologies, when other people copy and make it even better, you'll be left behind if you don't improve yourself.

Things happened for a reason

There are many things happened in this world regardless whether we planned it or not. The truth is things always happened for a reason. When Adam were created, God place him in heaven but after a while, he was sent to the world where we live here. Why would God sent him there? God must've a concrete reason! Sometime we didn't get what we desire, but behind every cloud there is always a silver lining.
Malay proverb also describe "kalau takde angin, masakan pokok bergoyang".

Never regret what happened and try to learn from it. When you fall down, and you manage to get up, that is the moment where you'll becoming a better person.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yeahh... Finally finish my DSP paper

Ok, I'm done with my DSP paper. The questions were quite tough, but for chapter 1 i guess it was quite easy. Luckily I didn't skipped this chapter and take other chapters for granted (since yesterday I decided not to concentrate on chapter 1 & 2), but God helped me I guess. Thank you God!

Ok.. What Is DSP actually?
According to my lecturer during the first lecture...

Introduction…What is DSP?
Don't Start Programming
Daily Source of Problems
Dreadfully Sad Pastime
Deep Seated Pain
Diese Sache Platzt (German for This Thing Explodes)
Devil's Special Punishment
Delayed Supper Plans
Don’t Sleep Please
Difficult See Parents
Derita Sepanjang Pengajian

Derita Sepanjang Pengajian tu yang tak tahan tuh...

Ok, actually DSP is Digital Signal Processing. The technology that enables signal to be processes digitally. DSP makes our life easier, since most of the digital product today has enhanced our daily life. Thanks to DSP, now we can just copy CD, download movie, gayut on the cellphone, playing the playstation etc etc.

Yeah... today already merdeka. But actually i have not done with my computer graphics paper. Hehe...


Yeah.. I got exam today. And I got alot more to revise. Study once is never sufficient since we might forget what we studied. I have another 7 hours to go. So, wish me luck for my paper - Digital Signal Processing (ETM4096). Hopefully I can pass with flying colours and may the colours fly high, reaching to the sky. Amin...~

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ape la mengarut nih???

ei: Jane: Adakah anda percaya Allah itu wujud,kalau anda percaya hantar e-mail ini kepada 100 orang yang berada didalam list anda atau semua orang dalam list anda la senang cakap sket dan jika anda tidak percaya anda sah kafir laknat

Ni apa la??? Tak paham aku??? Just received a fwd msgs... People still keep on fwding msgs like this? Not make sense at all... sape yg sampaikan nih? Nabi ada ajar ke buat macam ni?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Chained messages... in my opinion

Perkataan 'AKUM' adalah gelaran untuk orang2 Yahudi untuk orang2 bukan yahudi yang bermaksud ' BINATANG' dalam bahasa Ibrani. Ia singkatan daripada perkataan 'Avde Kokhavim U Mazzalot' yang bermaksud ' HAMBA2 BINATANG DAN ORANG2 SESAT'.. Pada zaman dahulu, orang2 Pagan menyembelih binatang untuk bintang yang dianggap tuhan. Orang2 Yahudi menggelarkan binatang itu AKUM sehingga nama itu lekat pula kepada orang2 bukan Yahudi kerana mereka dianggap seperti binatang dalam ajaran mereka. Adalah lebih baik jika kita menggantikan perkataan akum tu kepada salam=peace dlm bahasa arab.. Namun adalah lebih afdal jika kita menggunakan Assalamualaikum w.b.t secara keseluruhan... Jika anda sayangkan umat Islam,adalah lebih baik anda sebarkan kepada kawan2 yang lain.. wallahua'alm

Hmmm... What do you guys think about fwded msgs like this kinda msg. Err... I don't know bout u guys, but i do really really tired of people who just fwd it blindly without thinking enuff whether this kinda msg is true or not. Don't use hello cause hello in yahudi bla.. bla.. bla.. Pokemon means bla.. bla.. etc etc... I don't really understand why people keep on creating nonsense things like this???

I don't think all this meaning is true. Sometimes people don't like something they just simply create something that will make others hate it too. Let say lah if this AKUM thing is true, then why should we bother in yahudi it means this and that.

Ok, I give u an example...
In malay we use 'bin' which means 'son of' rite? Like ali bin abu means ali is the son of abu. But in english bin is sampah. Why don't people fwd things like, "hey, don't put bin between your name and your father's name. In english it means sampah!" Got what i mean???

So, no matter what does it mean in other languages, people know what does we mean by AKUM rite?
If you agree with me, please.. please.. please... Don't la fwd such kind of msgs ok? Think first before you act. chain msgs always come, but it is up to u to decide whether u wanted to continue the chain or stop it there.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

hey... what happened to

Ok for all of you who don't know what is, it is a website to download all the guitarpro file. Guitar pro file is a file which contains tab of musical instrument, including guitar, bass, drum, piano, vocal, sitar, etc etc... guitar pro is one of the best music software out there, and for me, it helps alot on developing my skill as a guitarist. Hmm.. and i usually take a short-cut by downloading some of the files here, rather than studying the note one-by-one using ears. But now, again i have to do the old method again, since this shit happened.

From the above image, we can see the circled part. Note some of no-entry sign which didn't allow to download. Previously, it should be a diskette icon > to save the file. After clicking the no entry icon this will appear...

Yeah.. it is the best when you do something independently. So, the moral of the story, don't depend on something and always try to find alternatives so that you may reach your goal. Thanks alot for listening...

Life is unfair...

Hmm... life is unfair. Looks like I'm complaining about something. Not really. This is just a statement which is important which all of us must take note of it. Here I'm gonna deliver some of my opinion about the unfairness of life.

Fisrst of all why must life be unfair? Hmmm... I think this world is a better place if life is unfair. Just imagine if life is always fair, everybody got equal talent, everybody got equal money to spend, everybody got the same thing in life... will this world be a fun place to live?
In some cases, we might think that why we study, but we failed. the other guy never study, but he never failed, instead, passed with flying colours. This is something that we should not regret of. Sometime we might see that a person is good in many things, academic, sports, religion also relationship with other people. But some person always got negative in every single thing. Not good in study, kaki bangku, when he/she talks makes everybody like menyampah etc etc.
Sometimes you put alot of effort to get something, but you never get it, but the other guy did less, but he manage to get it.

This always happened in this real world. The thing is, we have to learn to live with it. If you manage to learn on dealing with it, you might survive in most cases. Life is not an easy journey. Learn from your experience, as well as others' experiences. You might not have a chance to learn everything by yourself!

Yeah... most important thing is, stop complaining about this and that. About this guy and that guy. Always be positive! There should be at least one thing you're good at (should be more than one, or maybe hundreds) and use that thing to survive in your life. If you trapped in a situation, you might need to know what you have at that moment that could lead you to survive.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Wireless Broadband in Melaka!

Projek : Pemasangan Wireless Broadband Di Negeri Melaka


Broadband (Jalur Lebar) adalah nama yang diberikan kepada sistem yang direka untuk penghantaran data elektronik pada kelajuan yang tinggi. Di Malaysia broadband didefinasikan sebagai sambung talian bagi capaian melebihi 128kbps.Wireless Broadband merupakan akses kepada internet pada kelajuan tinggi melebihi 128 kbps dengan mengunakan teknologi tanpa wayar seperti wifi.

Pemasangan infrastruktur Wireless Broadband di seluruh Negeri Melaka adalah selaras dengan misi kerajaan Negeri Melaka iaitu untuk menjadikan Melaka sebuah negeri gemilang sebagai Pusat Perindustrian dan destinasi pelancongan terunggul melalui penyediaan infrastruktur terbaik dengan penekanan kepada teknologi informasi, perkhidmatan cekap dan berkualiti serta peningkatan pembangunan insan untuk menjamin kesejahteraan dan kesempurnaan hidup menjelang tahun 2010 berasaskan wawasan negara.

Objektif utama penyediaan infrastruktur wireless broadband ini adalah untuk memberi kemudahan kepada pengguna untuk melayari internet secara percuma di lokasi-lokasi yang dipasang wireless boradband ini.
..... for further reading, you can click here

Melaka dah maju... !!! hehe... I just read some article from e-Melaka website about this wireless broadband in Melaka. They are planning to supply some wireless internet connection around melaka and this will be done partially. But notice something funny, when they translate all the english terms to Malay terms, it doesn't sound nice. For example, broadband = jalur lebar. If the doesn't use the broadband word in the bracket, i will mistakenly thought that jalur lebar is almost the same as jalur gemilang.

But I guess they have no choice, other than use such words or else they have to add some more words into the dictionary. Like Computer from the word compute (kira), they just simply put on 'komputer'. If they change to 'pengira' people will be more confused and some will laugh until their stomach get burst or something.

Hopefully all the Melakan government's plans can be succeed, so that i don't have to subscribe streamyx anymore. Subscribing stremyx will cost me alot of money, which it can be use to buy so many things. Hmm.. I guess I have to make a move. Today is Friday, and almost azan already. So, see ya later...

I got my new Yahoo! ID

Since i got loads of people at my YM list... I decided to create a new one. I didn't add anybody to this ID (except for one that I am chatting with right now...). And I guess not many of my friends visit my blog here. then feel free to add me in your list, and do not kecoh2 this id. Let them know by themselves. My new yahoo ID is: -

Just add me if you wish to. BTW, i still using my johan_e1 ID but in some cases, i just need some privacy or I just tired of people around the world keep on signing in and out, i'll switch to this new ID.

Thank you!

PAGODA ground nuts is driving me nuts...

As my previous post, i like to eat kacang which i always bought Ngan Yin (kacang cap tangan) when i go to JJ. But guess what, yesterday i can't see even a single pack of ngan yin (150g). Huuhh.. Very disapointed with Jusco, I just grab a Pagoda ground nut, since they also produce kacang mengelembu. (if i not mistaken mengelembu is a place i perak where they produce this type of kacang... correct me if i'm wrong!) When i came back home, the taste is totally different. I don't know how to describe, but i don't really like it. The slogan "Younger Nuts Are Better Nuts!" were totally incorrect! In conclusion, don't buy pagoda ground nuts anymore...


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just came back from KL...

huu... just came back from KL. Very the penat. I didn't attend my Final paper for computer graphics. I am not feeling well and after get some advice from my parents, I just took an MC and just skip the paper and wait for the supplementary paper as my first attemp. I know that supp paper is much more thougher (this is bad english...) but I think it was the best decision. well, i am exhausted, and i shall go to sleep.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hard cover - sent

Last Tuesday, I'm going back to Muar mencari ketenangan. I got a lot of trouble here actually. I need to escape for a while, and at the same time it’s been a while i didn't visit my grandma at Muar. So, I decided to spend some few days in Muar. Now already study week, and today already Thursday. And guess what, I haven't studied anything except for just tiny portion of the tutorial questions that i just read thru (tutorial 9 computer graphics). Huh... final year also still like this??? Hmmm... Since yesterday, I spend my whole night doing my lab report. I stuck about an hour since the MATLAB code that i key-in (actually i just copy the code, and just changed some values according to my given signal) just won’t run... After figuring out.. Then i noticed there is something about this MATLAB software. The code was totally different from those Java or C languages. But I managed to complete my lab report at 10am.

I went back to Melaka at 12pm, straight away go to lunch, passed up my lab report and went to STAD for some cheque clearance. Then, I went to WOEI EN auto accesories to change both my beam and also my third brake light. I came back home preparing my final FYP. Just received an e-mail from Mr. Pau Kiu Nai, said that I can proceed to print for the hard cover for my thesis. And now, I just came back from the photostate shop. The guy said the hard cover only 10 pieces left, so for those who haven't yet done with the hard cover, please do Or else.... exactly.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Lately, i dont know why... I think i addicted back to kacang. And also Peel Fresh white grape and aloe vera. This bought some of it from jusco, and since last week i bought four packets of kacang already (including sponsored one... aku tgh kering beb, kena pau orang). Kacang is the bestest thing in the world!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

University... the best place to learn

I got test on Friday (today la) at 3.30pm. This is the supplementary test which i didn't attend on 17th April since i am not feeling well on that day. I got an MC from Dr. Baba and i spent quite some time in the room chit chat about things and suddenly i got MC... haha... I haven't study alot for this sem... I don't feel like the spirit of study is still here. I really need a motivation. Please, somebody please, give me some advice or anything that can motivate me back to study. I got only 2 papers for this sem, and i suppose can score this 2 papers if i manage well my studies.

University is the best place to learn. If u fail in something it is totally ok! If you fail in exam, u can always take another paper or perhaps supplementary paper. But in real life, if you fail which make the company loss profit, you might end up being kicked off the company. Then the industry u joined will notice u're no good person and other company as well might not hiring you. The best thing is learn as many things as possible. Meet as many people as u can and gain enough knowledge before u enter the real life. I can say that i am not really ready for this 'real life' world. I do think i need to learn alot of things, but i don't have much time. I don't want to extend my course either. So, let face it. Hopefully there will always some room for me to improve the quality of my life.

Hmmm... These few days I kept on thinking on what actually happened with my life in this campus. I'm about to leave this lovely university, which is the place i learned alot of things, not just academic, but most important is the skills. I really thank god for this opportunity. I met alot of people and these people teach me alot. It's not the matter of who are talking but what does he/she talking about. I do think that it is good to have enemies, since they are the one who can reveal your weakness. Sometimes friends may not see our weakness, or sometimes if they see, they might not tell us about it, afraid it will hurt. We do need enemies to make us a better person.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I thought my FYP is already over...

Yesterday was my FYP presentation. After my presentation, my supervisor asked me to see him. This morning i woke up early (not so early la... 9am) and after i washes some clothes, i went to see Mr Pau Kiu Nai. There's a little thing not satisfied him on my report (since i didn't show him my finalize report...) and he asked me to do a little editing from the report that i have submitted on the 17th April. Well, i thought after presentation, everything is over... only left the hard cover and softcopy jek... But as long as he didn't deduct my mark sudah la... Hopefully he can give me a good grade on this project even though my project was not that gempak or what... (i could've done better if i am not involved in BOTB... but it's a lot of experience i gained which is priceless....)

During afternoon pulak, i went to Nando's. There's a fren of mine, named Nazia belanja me eat there since i play the guitar for her during 'the stage' a few month ago. Actually a few times already she invited me to go eat there... but u know la kan... i am so very the bz. I met them there... Nazia brought her fren Amal. She is the one who introduced me to Nazia at the moment Nazia needed a guitarist for her song. Actually i am quite f**d up on the stage that day. Play some wrong chords and my tangan was very sejuk and i am so very pandai that i didn't warm up before the performance. But, people say "rezeki jangan ditolak, musuh jangan dicari", so i just eat la, without any regret. Hopefully, more people asking me to play guitar for any performance, so that i can eat nando's more frequent... yeah..!!! btw.. anybody who need any guitar sessionist can email me yek... (sempat lagi promote)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2nd of May...

Hohhh.. today is 2nd of May. Means yesterday was 1st of May. 1st of May is the labour day where everybody (labour or non-labour) will be given a public holiday. I went to Tesco yesterday (actually without any motive... just wanted to buy some juice) but there's million of people inside the building. More or less like sure heboh (now already known as JomHeboh!). I heard that highway also jammed... everybody also want to jalan2.

hmm... and today, 2nd May, i got a few things to settled down. I got 2 assignments to submit and FYP presentation also falls on the same day. DSP assignments require to do some simulation using MATLAB and of course some calculation. But being typical me, i always find someone's solution and make it as my reference. Computer graphics, they wanted some program using brensenham algorithm. What i did was, i just google and find a complicated one, and adjust some portion of it, makes the code become less complicated.

I prepared about 30 over slides for my FYP part, including all the theoretical part. During my presentation (12.35pm), my moderator pulak buat hal... He did not come until my supervisor called him. Hampeh tol! Then from 30 slides, my supervisor asks me to skip all the theory part and just present what i have made. It takes only a few minutes to explain that. Huh... penat jek.. I saw one student before my turn to present, he presented beriya-iya.. Explain all the theory parts (of course different supervisor la..) But nevermind.. As long as i managed to pass the project udah la... I don't want to spend any longer in MMU. Let's pray together so that i can pass all the subjects.
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